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Griffin iFM Radio for iPod canceled

The iPodlounge notes that Griffin Technology has canceled the production of its iFM Radio for iPod. According to an e-mail sent to customers who pre-ordered the product, the iFM was canceled because it relied on the now discontinued iPod Wired Remote Control, which is no longer available separately from Apple. Griffin also said that producing the iFM for the new 3G iPods proved to be impossible due to technical changes in the new models. Read More

Griffin debuts iFM for iPod

Griffin Technology today unveiled iFM, an FM radio for Apple’s iPod. The Griffin iFM adds an FM radio to the iPod in one integrated package that utilizes the iPod’s own remote for its controls. Settings include room for six preset stations, station scan up or down, volume control and muting as well as manual tuning. The iFM works with all iPods and requires the iPod wired remote control that’s included with currently shipping 10 and 20 GB iPods. iFM is priced at US$35.

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