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Iconfactory releases desktops for your iPhone

Iconfactory today announced that its entire library of desktop pictures has been resized, cropped and formatted especially for use on Apple’s new iPhone. Now you can customize your iPhone’s background with any one of the fun, graphic desktop pictures and set your iPhone apart from the pack. The site invites you to the factory’s desktop pictures page and browse the plethora of wallpaper choices that await you.

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Iconfactory gives icons EPS treatment

Stockicons.com expands on its offerings of scalable vector icons today with the release of several sets for the Harmony and Satin stock icon families. The harmony family now has scalable EPS versions available for its database, finance and multimedia add-ons, making them perfect for large format print or Web applications. In addition, the popular satin family also gets EPS versions of both its multimedia and database add-ons. Each of these five new sets is 100% vector based and contains a single, scalable vector file for each icon.

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Iconfactory releases iPulse 2.1.8, Twitterrific 2.0

Iconfactory today announced the release of iPulse 2.1.8 and Twitterrific 2.0. iPulse (US$12.95) allows Mac users to quickly get a feel for what Mac OS X is doing under the hood via a unified, concise interface that is completely customizable. Version 2.1.8 fixes several bugs including reporting process information, properly displaying network statistics when disconnecting from a VPN, and localization.

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The Iconfactory celebrates 10th Anniversary with new sites

Our colleagues at The Iconfactory today announced they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with the launch of all-new versions of Iconfactory.com and Stockicons.com. Over two years in design and development, the new sites have been rebuilt from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and are now hosted on Apple’s xServe platform. These sites boast many new features and a wealth of new or revised content.

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Iconfactory releases ‘Monolith’ icons for CandyBar

The Iconfactory has announced “Monolith,” this week’s release of freeware icons from the site. Monolith is a full system replacement set designed by resident artist Corey Marion for use with the CandyBar system icon utility. “Thanks to its simple, crisp appearance and unique perspective, Monolith will give user’s systems a makeover from a completely different angle.”

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Iconfactory offers free ‘iPod, Therefore I Am’ icons

The Iconfactory has posted this week’s freeware icon release–“iPod, Therefore I Am” from Dave Brasgalla. “This set of 8 freeware icons will let you give your iPod the icon it deserves in popular World of Aqua style, and it won’t even cost you .99 cents!” The collection–which includes the 4G iPod, the special edition U2 iPod, the new iPod minis, the iPod shuffle, and the iPod photo–is available for your Mac, Windows PC or as a Pixadex iContainer. Read More

Iconfactory releases ‘Litho System’ icons

The Iconfactory has announced “Litho System,” its latest freeware icon collection. Litho System is a full system replacement set designed by resident artist Anthony Piraino for use with the CandyBar system icon utility. “With bright colors and an old, weathered style, this icon set will be appreciated by users young and old and bring a fun, unique look to your system.” Litho System is available for the Mac, PC or as a CandyBar iContainer. Read More

Iconfactory releases Quick Pix 2004 icons

The Iconfactory has released Quick Pix 2004, a new freeware icon set consisting of all its Quick Pix icons released this year. “Until now, site visitors who missed a certain week’s QP release were unable to grab the goodies. As this year draws to a close, we are pleased to make these icons available to everyone in both Macintosh and PC format as well as a handy, searchable Pixadex iContainer.

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Iconfactory releases ‘Snappy Hour Halloween’ icons

The Iconfactory has released “Snappy Hour Halloween,” a new freeware icon collection based on artwork from artist Derek Yaniger. “The undead rise from their eternal rest, spirits moan, and unholy creatures of the night follow your every move! Brace yourself for the most terrifying spectacle the world has ever known! And if you enjoy this freeware icon set, be sure to check out the Art Collections from Mister Retro that inspired them. Happy Halloween!” Read More

Iconfactory goes spooky for Halloween

To celebrate its annual spooky makeover, the Iconfactory today announced “Eat Me,” October’s first freeware icon release. “Iconfactory artist and zombie, David Lanham, has cooked up a set of holiday folder icons with drop states (for the Mac) that gobble up whatever is placed inside them.

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