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HELIOS Xtar now available for Intel Macs

HELIOS Software GmbH has released a Mac Intel-compatible version of its backup tool HELIOS Xtar. HELIOS Xtar for Mac (PPC/Intel) stores each HFS file as a double file in the standard “tar” format. Unicode file names as well as all meta data‹including creation and modification date‹are preserved. During the restore with Xtar to an HFS volume, the Finder and resource information are written into a valid HFS file. In doing so, all Mac OS X specific meta data are preserved so that volumes are bootable after the restore. Read More

HELIOS ships server solutions for Intel-based Macs

HELIOS Software today announced that all six HELIOS UB server solutions are immediately available for Apple’s new quad-core 64-bit Intel Xeon Mac Pro and Xserve. “HELIOS is able to utilize the power of all four CPUs of the new Mac Intel computers to provide extremely fast job performance while offering an excellent price/performance value,” said Helmut Tschemernjak, President of HELIOS Software GmbH.

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Helios offers full QuarkXPress 6 support

Helios Software today announced that it has updated its ImageServer product to support QuarkXPress 6, as well as 4 and 5 on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows platforms, including Japanese versions. The “HELIOS OPI TuneUp” and “HELIOS Preview” XTensions are available for free download for ImageServer users with software upgrade service.

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Helios announces EtherShare support for AFP 3.1

Helios Software today announced that Helios EtherShare now supports the latest version of Apple Computer’s Apple Filing Protocol (AFP 3.1). The press release notes that EtherShare support for AFP 3.1 includes files names up to 255 characters in length, very large file support (no longer a 4GB limit), Mac OS X compatibility (Mac OS X 10.3 recommended), and Mac OS 8/9 backward compatibility via the existing AFP 2.2 protocol.

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Helios TCP/SLP printer driver now available for Mac OS X

Helios Software today announced the release of the Helios TCP/IP based printer driver for Mac OS X that further enhances its 4th generation EtherShare 3.1 file and print server software. The new driver is a component of the recently released EtherShare 3.1, which enables Mac OS 9 clients to print up to three times faster than AppleTalk PAP or Apple Remote LPR, according to the press release.

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