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Griffin highlights commitment to iPod, iPhone

Griffin Technology has announced its 2008 line-up for Macworld Expo, this year marking the 16th year the company has delivered products to the Apple community. “In 2008, we continue on two paths,” said company founder, Paul Griffin. “The first is to continue to introduce innovations in a rapidly changing marketplace. The second is to continually improve our existing product line to meet the needs of today’s community.” The following new products have been announced: Read More

Griffin announces iClear and Disko for iPod nano 2G

Griffin Technology today announced that two of its most popular carrying cases, the iClear and Disko, will now be available for 2nd Generation iPod nano. Both the iClear and Disko for nano 2G will be available in stores for the holidays, priced at US$19.99 and $29.99, respectively. “Lightweight and nearly invisible, iClear’s tough crystal-clear polycarbonate protects even as it shows off the player’s good looks.

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Griffin takes the stage with iPod cases for the holidays

Griffin Technology today introduced the first pair of entries in its new Holiday iPod case line. Centerstage and Disko give iPod users two new ways to tote and enjoy their iPods. “Centerstage shows off your iPod in a clear hard shell case, for maximum protection while carrying. But when you get where you’re going, Centerstage reveals its hidden talents. The colorful anodized aluminum cover flips open and under to create a sturdy easel stand, allowing your iPod to stand and deliver.

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Griffin to introduce AirClick, SmartDeck products

iPodlounge reports that Griffin Technology will introduce new iPod products at next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The company’s new AirClick Remote will allow users to control their iPod (play/pause, next/previous, volume up/down) from up to 60 ft. away using RF technology (as opposed to IR). It will be available for both 4G iPods and iPod minis, and will offer iPod photo, enabling users to advance pictures wirelessly.

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Griffin debuts XPress Digital Audio Cable

Griffin Technology today announced the XPress Digital Audio Cable for connecting an Airport Express to the digital input on a home stereo. The 9-foot digital optical cable has Toslink based connectors on both ends and comes with two Toslink-to-mini digital cable adaptors. The digital mini connectors are the same connectors that provide digital audio output on the Airport Express, as well as the new iMac G5 machines. The XPress Digital Audio Cable costs US$19.99. Read More

Griffin intros soft auto cradle for iPod, iPod mini

Griffin Technology today announced the PodPod, a soft foam iPod cradle that slips into any auto cup holder. According to the company, it places the device in comfortable reach for easy adjustment and perfect placement for the iPod or iPod mini with an iTrip on top. The PodPod will ship next month for only US$9.99 and is being shown this week at Apple Expo in Paris. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

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Griffin offers GarageBand guitar cable

Griffin Technology has announced a new cable made exclusively for connecting a guitar directly to the mini jack input of a Mac. This high quality magnetically shielded cable eliminates the need for additional adapters when plugging a guitar directly into programs like GarageBand, Amplitube or other guitar recording software. The new GarageBand Guitar Cable is available immediately for US$24.99.

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Griffin offers new FireWire, audio cables

Griffin Technology today announced three new additions to its Clear Choice line of cables. Included in the new offerings is a 6-foot FireWire 400 connection cable (US$14.99), a 6-foot FireWire extension cable ($14.99) and a Ground Loop isolator cable ($19.99), which eliminates the low, audible hum called a ground loop that often occurs when two pieces of audio equipment are connected together but plugged into separate outlets. Read More

Griffin ships iFire adapter for Apple Pro Speakers

Griffin Technology said today that it is now shipping the iFire amplifier/adapter for Apple Pro Speakers. “Announced this summer, the Griffin iFire (US$39.99) allows any computer with FireWire or an iPod with its charger to connect and power the popular and stylish Apple Pro Speakers. Previously, only a few select models of Apple computers could use Apple Pro Speakers.

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