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Flip4Mac Profile|K2 Components now available from Telestream

Telestream today announced the availability of its Flip4Mac Import and Export Components for Grass Valley Profile and K2 media servers. These components provide file compatibility and enable fast, efficient file transfer between Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems and Grass Valley servers. The components provide file-based import and export of IMX D-10 and DV25/50 standard definition video and uncompressed audio between Grass Valley K2, Profile, Turbo and M-Series media servers and Final Cut Pro applications for Mac OS X users.

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New Flip4Mac WMV offers support for Intel Macs

Telestream today announced the availability of Flip4Mac WMV 2.1. Highlights of the new version include Universal support for Apple’s Intel-based Mac systems and significantly faster Windows Media encoding for PowerPC Mac users. The Flip4Mac WMV update is free and available for download on Microsoft and Flip4Mac Web sites. Flip4Mac WMV is comprised of a collection of QuickTime components that enables Mac OS X users to play, import and export Windows Media files using QuickTime-based applications.

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Telestream expands Flip4Mac MXF Ingest for Final Cut Pro

Telestream today announced Flip4Mac MXF support for Apple’s Final Cut Pro HD video editing application. “The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component currently ingests media files from Sony XDCAM production systems into Final Cut Pro 5 for native IMX editing. With Flip4Mac MXF 1.0.2, Final Cut Pro HD users editing DV content will now benefit from the same file-based workflow,” the company notes. Flip4Mac is priced at US$495.00.

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Flip4Mac MXF Import Component for Mac OS X released

Telestream today announced the availability of its Flip4Mac MXF Import Component for Mac OS X. The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component is a file-based solution to enable broadcasters to ingest MXF content directly from Sony XDCAM Professional Disc production systems into Apple’s Final Cut Pro 5 editing application for native IMX editing. The MXF product is the second in a series of new Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Mac to be offered by Telestream.

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Flip4Mac brings Windows Media encoding to the Mac

Telestream today announced its Flip4Mac Windows Media Export Component for Mac OS X. The company said Flip4Mac is the first product to provide encoding in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series SD and HD on the Macintosh. The software allows Mac users to select Windows Media 9 Series from the list of available formats in the Export function of QuickTime-based applications running on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. These applications include Final Cut Pro HD, iMovie, QuickTime Player, Discreet Cleaner, and more.

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