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Apple cuts the cord on FireWire

CNET News.com takes a look at Apple’s decision to move the iPod line from FireWire to USB 2.0. “FireWire is still Apple Computer’s baby, but the proud parent is cutting the cord. With the latest crop of iPods, Apple is no longer including a FireWire cable in the box. The music players will still work with FireWire, if a cord is purchased separately, but only a USB 2.0 cable comes with the device.

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‘FireWire’ added to Oxford English Dictionary

Several MacMinute readers note that the term “FireWire” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition of FireWire reads: “noun [mass noun] trademark a standard high-performance serial bus for connecting devices to a personal computer.” A full list of the new words added to the dictionary can be found here (PDF). Apple invented the high-speed FireWire interface in the mid-90s. It is also known as the cross-platform industry standard IEEE 1394.

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