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FileWave announces Intel-based Mac support

FileWave today announced the support of Intel-based Macs. The company has its administrator and server based components under development. These pieces, FileWave XAdmin, FileWave XServer, Asset Trustee Inventory and Asset Trustee PostOffice will be shipping with Intel for Macintosh support in the next major releases of FileWave and Asset Trustee later this year.

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FileWave gets new directory integration feature

FileWave today announced FileWave X 1.7, a new version of its solution for distributing Mac OS X software across their distributed networks. The update adds directory services integration using the LDAP protocol. FileWave X is made up of three modules: FileWave XServer, XAdmin, and XClient. FileWave X 1.7 offers “an unsurpassed ease of use for IT managers and guarantees an extremely high speed of deployment when distributing software throughout a network.” Read More

FileWave announces Asset Trustee 6.6

FileWave today announced the release of its cross platform software and hardware Asset Inventory system, Asset Trustee 6.6. The software supports Mac OS 9, Mac OS X 10.2 and higher, and Windows 98 through XP, giving IT staff the ability to gather and report detailed hardware, software and configuration information for laptops, desktops and servers on the major desktop computing platforms. Pricing is based on the number of “Scanners,” an automated agent installed on each computer in the enterprise. Read More

FileWave X 1.6 now available

FileWave today announced updates to its flagship software suite FileWave X 1.6. The new version allows businesses of all sizes to distribute Mac OS X software easily and rapidly across their distributed networks. FileWave X is made up of three modules: FileWave XServer, XAdmin, and XClient, and offers ease-of-use for IT managers and promises a high speed of deployment when distributing software throughout a network.

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FileWave gives away software to schools

FileWave today announced a new initiative for the US market in which it will provide school systems with its desktop management suite free-of-charge. The software, FileWave X supports Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.3 (legacy support of Mac OS 9 clients is available from the FileWave Classic Server), giving IT staff the ability to deploy, configure, support and update software across a Mac- based network.

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FileWave X 1.5 free with two-year support contract

FileWave is offering all schools (K-12 and universities) its flagship desktop management software suite, FileWave X 1.5, free of charge for those that sign up for a two-year support contract. The total cost saved depends largely on the number of clients, but the software itself significantly decreases overall IT admin costs by enabling “efficient, centralized software configuration and support,” James Boike of FileWave told MacMinute. The software supports Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and 10.3 (Panther).

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FileWave products come to Mac OS X

FileWave today announced the immediate availability of new FileWave modules for Mac OS X — FileWave XServer 1.0, FileWave XAdmin 1.0 and FileWave XClient 3.0. The new FileWave tools, which are used for installing and distributing software in a network, were developed from scratch and not simply ported from their Mac OS 9 versions. Pricing is available from the company’s site. Read More