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PC Mag: eMac is worst desktop of the year

In his “Worst products of the year” list, Jim Louderback of PC Magazine calls Apple’s eMac the worst desktop PC of 2004. “Apple, the entry-level eMac really does represent Think Different. That’s because for a company that prides itself on quality, this computer is different. As in bad. On the plus side, it’s stylish. On the downside, it’s slow, underpowered, and pathetic.”

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eMac pricing glitch causes deluge of orders

Around 20,000 people placed orders for more than 100 million eMacs this week after a glitch caused the computers to be listed on an online shopping site for US$25. Japanese computer reseller Catena says a code number assigned to a package of Apple DVD-R discs was accidently matched up with product information for the eMac and with the price for the DVD discs. “That Catena says it won’t fulfill the orders isn’t a surprise,” notes PC World.

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Apple lowers eMac prices

Apple today announced lower prices for its popular eMac desktop computer, with the SuperDrive-equipped model now starting at US$1,099. The eMac features a 17-inch flat CRT and a 1GHz G4 processor in a compact all-in-one design. It comes with either a Combo (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) drive for watching DVD movies and burning CDs or a SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW), which adds the ability to burn DVDs.

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eMac best desktop for the ‘Starving Student’

has selected Apple’s eMac as the best desktop for the “Starving Student” in its “Back to School Picks.” ZDNet
says the eMac is “a super-affordable all-in-one Mac system with adequate speed and a 17-inch display.” The article also says that you “won’t mess around with setup, crazy configuration, or big price tags; this sparely designed Mac has everything a student needs, including a SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) option.

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Apple debuts new eMac line

Apple today announced a new eMac line offering up to a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, a faster 4x SuperDrive, high performance ATI Radeon 7500 graphics, up to 80GB hard drives and internal support for AirPort Extreme wireless networking, with prices starting at US$799. They are available in the following configurations:

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Apple drops education eMac pricing

Apple has lowered the educational price of its low-end eMac to US$779 (a $70 price drop). “Apple’s most affordable computer for education is now more affordable than ever. New prices start at only $779 for an eMac with a 17-inch flat CRT display (16-inch viewable) and powered by a G4 processor. For just $1149, you can get one with a SuperDrive and more speed, memory, and storage,” notes the Apple Store for Education newsletter. Read More