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Dr. Bott offers EyeTV/Remote Wonder bundle

Dr. Bott announced today that it is offering an exclusive bundle of El Gato Software’s EyeTV and ATI’s Remote Wonder for US$214.95 — $34 off the price of purchasing them separately. “EyeTV is a Digital Video Recorder that connects to your Mac via the USB port… The ATI Remote Wonder is the perfect companion to EyeTV, allowing your Mac to record and view your favorite television programs, and control the actions from across the room.

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Dr. Bott announces AMP Interface for new iPods

Dr. Bott today announced the AMP Interface, a device that allows owners of the Burton Amp Jacket to use the latest third generation iPod. The AMP Interface relpaces the interface of the jacket with one that incorporates the remote connector and headphone jack of the new iPod. The new device, which is expected to ship next month, will retail for US$24.95 and works with the new 10GB, 15GB and 30GB iPods with dock connectors. Read More

Dr. Bott announces “Imports”

Dr. Bott today announced distribution of Micro Solution and Felicidad products from Japan. “Import” products include iSuit, stylish replacement lids for the iBook, iWax polycarbonate polishing paste, Junin Toiro II for giving your iBook a custom color, Twist Protector for the PowerBook G4, the popular Groove Jacket for iPod, and many more.

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Dr. Bott adds DVI Extractor II to ADC product line

Dr. Bott today introduced the DVI Extractor II, the latest addition to its Apple Display Connector (ADC) product line. The device allows displays with a 24-pin DVI-D or a 29-pin DVI-I connector to be used with the latest generation of Apple systems that sport the new ADC connector. In addition, certain displays that have not worked on the Mac so far now can be used with DVI Extractor II, including models from Eizo and Samsung.

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Dr. Bott drops prices on USB hubs

Dr. Bott has dropped the pricing on its line of popular USB hubs. The T7Hub, gHub, and T3Hub have been lowered to US$47.95, $34.95 and $27.95 respectively. The T7Hub is the only 7-port USB hub that will support all 7 devices each drawing 0.5 Amps. The gHub provides indicators for both connectivity and overcurrent protection, and the T3Hub weighs less than an ounce and supports USB devices that normally require external power. Read More