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DashboardWidgets’ Mac mini contest begins

Registered users of DashboardWidgets.com can now vote for their favorite widget in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and purpose in the site’s Showcase by navigating to the widget’s Details page and clicking the blue “Vote for this widget” button. The polls will remain open until Monday, June 6, 2005. DashboardWidgets.com showcases more than 300 widgets, which have been downloaded more than 500,000 times since Tiger’s release one month ago. Read More

ADC posts ‘Developing Dashboard Widgets’ tutorial

The Apple Developer Connection (ADC) has published a new technical article entitled “Developing Dashboard Widgets.” This latest installment of the Tiger Developer Overview Series explains how Dashboard Widgets work and provides an introduction on how to develop them. “Dashboard provides a great new development environment. Widgets are easy and fast to create, and yet very powerful.

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