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Creative Manager Pro announces Leopard upgrade

Creative Manager Inc. has announced a major upgrade of its flagship product, featuring more features converted to Flash and updates for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2. Previous updates of the integrated Ad Agency system converted some of the most-used features to Flash. Today, Creative Manager announced that the next foundation upgrade to its Ad Agency management software will address interface improvements based on months of research, client interviews and user feedback.

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Creative Manager Pro 8.5 released for Leopard

Creative Manager has released Creative Manager Pro 8.5, featuring conversions of key features to Flash, Improvements for Financial Reporting, and updates for Mac OS X Leopard. Other new features in this free update include: graphically view your firm’s metrics; take your contacts and calendar on the road with iCal, Address Book and Outlook; manage and balance the books; and more. “This month’s update gives clients of Creative Manager Pro increases in speed and usability.

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Creative Manager Pro 8.5 in Oct. with Leopard support

Creative Manager today announced version 8.5 of its flagship product, Creative Manager Pro, to be released in early October. Creative Manager Pro’s complete set of financial reports are being completely rebuilt and many of the new features have been rebuilt in Flash, giving the financial system improvements in speed unattainable otherwise. Other improvements include: complete support for multi-company and multi project financial statement formats; user definable financial reporting columns; and more.

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Creative Manager Pro 8.4.2 offers improved Safari support, more

Creative Manager has announced Creative Manager Pro 8.4.2, with Interactive Graphical Views of Job Schedules, and improved support for Safari 2.0.4. Creative Manager Pro is expected in early May. The new graphical calendar allow users of Creative Manager Pro to see all projects on one calendar view, and gives users the ability to color-code projects for effective presentation and quick review.

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Creative Manager Pro 8.4.05 increases app support

Creative Manager has announced Creative Manager Pro 8.4.05, with support for Apple’s iCal, Microsoft’s Outlook, Mac OS X Server, and Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Leopard. The integration with iCal and Outlook allows users of Creative Manager Pro to send calendar meeting requests, even to those who are not using Creative Manager Pro, and have the invitation show up in the invited person’s calendar. Creative Manager Pro is a full-featured, intuitive system which makes project and ad agency management easy.

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Creative Manager Pro 8.4.01 supports LDAP, more

Creative Manager Inc. has released version 8.4.01 of its flagship product, Creative Manager Pro. LDAP, an integral part of Mac OS X Server, now a part of Creative Manager Pro, allows the IT group of larger organizations to simplify the administration of User ID and passwords across the entire organization. Creative Manager Pro goes beyond costing to offer full Project Management, CRM, Digital Asset Management, billing and accounting, and Extranet capabilities. Read More

Creative Manager Pro 8.2 released

Creative Manager has released version 8.2 of its flagship product, with improvements based on the advice of Ad Agency consultant Tony Mikes of Second Wind Network. Mikes says that the turnaround time of Billing Worksheets is one the top three issues that affect the financial success of an ad agency. Faster and easier billing means less invoicing disputes, lower cost of billing, and dramatic improvements to cash flow.

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