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Chronopath unveils Library 2, Chronoscan 2

Chronopath today announced the release of Library 2, the company’s library cataloging application, and Chronoscan 2, a barcode scanner for Mac OS X. Library 2 features a new, faster core database, as well as support for games, music, and movies to accompany the existing books-only support. Chronoscan 2 now works in all applications, offers a visual indicator improved to two-color, and support for additional symbologies. Library 2 and Chronoscan 2 are priced at US$15 and $149, respectively.

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Chronopath offers Restore, Domain Tracker apps

Chronopath has announced the release of Restore 1.0, a new application for archiving and restoring your documents, and Domain Tracker 1.0, a new tool for managing domain names. Restore (US$15) allows you to “Track” several files and archive them according to your schedule. If you need to revert to an older version of a document, you can later do so. Restore also includes an option to keep only a certain amount of versions of a document to save hard drive space.

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