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AT&T Relents SOME on “Unlimited” Data Plan Limits

According to Associate Press (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-relents-unlimited-data-plan-174637221.html), AT&T is relenting some on its unpopular policies towards “unlimited” users. Recently, there’s been reports of AT&T throttling unlimited users starting at as little as 1.5 gigabytes of usage — as as AT&T ahas said, when users entered the “heaviest 5 percent” of data users for that month or that area.

Thursday, the company has changed its policy and will now slow down “unlimited” data users after they reach 3 gigabytes within a billing cycle.

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Greg’s Bite:AT&T/T-Mobile deal off?

By Greg Mills

The US Government has the authority to prevent mergers when anti-trust laws kick in. There is a lot of discretion at the Justice Department, and sometimes the government could step in but does not do so. Other times, they stop mergers as being “anti-competitive.” The AT&T merger with T-Mobile may be a situation where they think competition is best served by not allowing the biggest network to absorb the fourth largest network. The third largest network, Sprint, has been loudly screaming “monopoly” and working the political system to stop the merger.

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The Good and Bad of Verizon iPhones

We welcome Verizon to the iPhone market: it’s been a long time coming, and it will challenge AT&T to provide better service and options, while at the same time growing the iPhone market for iOS developers. One thing to point out is that a Verizon experience is not going to be like an AT&T experience on the iPhone … both for the good and for the bad.

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AT&T considering Mac OS X for internal use

AT&T is evaluating different operating systems, including Mac OS X and Linux, as alternatives to Microsoft Windows for internal use. “The company’s chief information officer, Hossein Eslambolchi, has set up a team in AT&T’s research labs to assess the appropriateness of desktop operating systems for the company,” reports CNET News.com. “The company currently uses Windows on its desktop PCs, which number in the tens of thousands.

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