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Apple launches free computer take-back program

Apple today announced the launch of its free computer take-back program, offering US customers environmentally friendly recycling of their old computer when they buy a new Mac. Beginning today, the Apple Store and Apple retail stores will give US customers the option of recycling their unwanted PCs, regardless of the manufacturer. When a customer chooses to participate in the program, Apple will send an email with instructions and a label for free shipping and recycling.

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Environmentalists protest at Macworld Expo

As expected (see related story), environmentalists complaining about the Apple’s policies on electronic waste recycling, gathered outside Macworld Expo at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The “handful” of picketers stood around a pile of old Apple computers, on which some of the monitors showed Asian children and adults sifting through piles of electronic junk at waste sites, reports the The San Francisco Chronicle.

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