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Rogue Amoeba releases AirFoil 2.0

Rogue Amoeba Software today released Airfoil 2.0, a utility designed as a companion to AirPort Express, enabling any audio (not just iTunes) to be sent to the device. New and enhanced features include: support for multiple AirPort Express units; support for sending audio to password-protected units; audio effects, including a 10 band equalizer, as well as volume and balance controls; the ability to send audio from new sources, including USB radios, Dashboard widgets, and audio devices; full AppleScript support; and more.

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Rogue Amoeba releases Airfoil for AirPort Express

Rogue Amoeba Software has announced the release of Airfoil (originally announced as Slipstream), its new software to send audio from any application directly to Apple’s AirPort Express. “Everyone who owns one of Apple’s popular AirPort Express devices will be thrilled to be able to send audio from applications like RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and Safari right to their remote speakers,” says the developer.

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