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Greg’s Bite: Steve Jobs wins, Flash discontinued

By Greg Mills

Adobe finally blinked after Steve Jobs didn’t. As a young man Jobs actually practiced staring people down without blinking for long periods. He knew it freaked people out and so mastered long blinkless pearcing stares. Figuratively, he did that with Adobe by refusing to pre-load Flash on Macs, and Apple didn’t allow Flash to even run on the iOS platform. Wretched whining from various quarters didn’t get Apple to change its stand, as there really were technical issues that Adobe wouldn’t or couldn’t fix.

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Adobe Creative Suite 2 now shipping

Adobe today announced the immediate availability of its Creative Suite 2, which bundles new versions of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and GoLive. Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition, which includes Acrobat 7.0 Professional, is priced at US$1,199. Creative Suite 2 Standard Edition sells for $899. Photoshop CS2 ($599; $149 upgrade), InDesign CS2 ($699; $169), Illustrator CS2 ($499; $169), and GoLive CS2 ($399; $169) are also available separately. Read More

Adobe Creative Suite 2 announced

Adobe today announced the Adobe Creative Suite 2, which includes new versions of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and GoLive. A new Adobe Creative Suite component, Adobe Bridge, acts as “a hub for productivity, imagery and creativity, providing multi-view file browsing and smooth cross-product integration across Adobe Creative Suite 2 software.” It also provides access to Adobe Stock Photos, a new stock photography service that offers one-stop shopping for high-quality, royalty-free images for layout and design.

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Adobe CEO: Apple is both partner and competitor

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen says his company has worked out a coexistence strategy that treats Apple as both friend and foe. “They are clearly both a partner and in some cases a competitor,” Chizen said in an interview with CNET News.com. “They’re an important partner in that about 25 percent of our business comes from people who own Macs. That’s a very loyal customer to Adobe and a very important customer as well. That’s also a very important customer obviously to Apple.

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Adobe updates Camera Raw plug-in, DNG Converter

Adobe today released an updated Camera Raw plug-in that adds compatibility for six new camera models, bringing the total number of raw camera formats supported within Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements 3.0 to more than 70. In addition, Adobe announced expanded capabilities for the DNG Converter, which translates disparate raw photo formats into a single universal format, or digital negative, for long-term archiving.

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Adobe intros Digital Negative format; updates raw plug-in

Adobe today introduced the Digital Negative Specification (.DNG), a new unified public format for raw digital camera files. The company also updated to its Camera Raw plug-in, extending raw file support in Photoshop CS to more than 65 digital camera models and enabling Photoshop CS to handle files in the new .DNG format. The company also launched a free software tool, Adobe DNG Converter, which converts many of today’s popular raw photo formats into the new .DNG file format.

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Adobe CEO talks Mac sales

In a PC Magazine interview, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen offers some insight into how his company’s Mac applications are doing: “When you look at our overall revenue, or percentage of revenue, we get somewhere between 22% and 25% of our business from Macintosh customers or software that runs on the Mac,” Chizen said. “If you factor out Acrobat and the server products, our Mac business has stayed relatively strong, which is good news…

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‘Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book’ released

Adobe Press has announced the release of “Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book.” The US$45 title “offers readers a series of hands-on projects that build on the reader’s growing Photoshop knowledge. This popular, self-paced guide uses simple step-by-step instructions, end-of-chapter review questions, and a companion CD loaded with all of the book’s project files to make learning Photoshop CS a breeze.

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Adobe reports $83 million Q4 profit

Adobe on Thursday reported a fourth quarter profit of US$83.3 million, or 34 cents per diluted share, up from $40.1 million, or 17 cents per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Revenue was up 22 percent to $358.6 million, from $294.7 million. “During fiscal 2003, we expanded our commitment to the creative professional, [and] extended our reach into the digital imaging and video markets,” said Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s CEO.

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Adobe Creative Suite now shipping

Adobe today announced that it is now shipped the Adobe Creative Suite, its new software collection that combines new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and GoLive, incorporates Acrobat 6.0 Professional, and introduces the Version Cue file version manager. Adobe said individual applications included in the suite will begin shipping later this week. The Adobe Creative Suite Premium Edition is priced at US$1,229.

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