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Desktop pictures weekly recap

During the past week, MacDesktops has posted 14 new pictures, including: PS2 style OSX (Logos, Mac OS X), Hackintosh (Logos, Mac OS), Body bend (Art), Black Hole (Starscapes), and more. Meanwhile, Mandolux has posted 15 new desktops: 10 Blackhawk helicopters (aerospace), three Giants (Dual monitor and giant size), one Technosis/Anthraxis (abstract), and one Fire and Flame desktop.

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Maya for Mac slated for September

Following up on its coverage yesterday of the departure of Richard Kerris, Director of Maya Technologies for Alias|wavefront, Macworld UK reports that the company plans to ship Maya for Mac in September. An Alias|wavefront spokesperson also noted that Kerris — who was the head of Maya for Mac — left the company due to the softening economy.

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