All MacTech events are meant to pack a lot of value into a short period of time — for both sponsors and attendees. This not only means session content, but breaks and lunch are optimized for mingling and networking between attendees and sponsors. Breakfast and dinner give additional mingle opportunities.

What Does the Event Look Like?

First, let’s give you some visuals. The sessions room vary some from event to event, but here are a few examples from prior MacTech Conferences. Your logo will be displayed on our trademark logo loop screen to the side of the stage (see the pictures where you see two screens).

Second, the lunch area has three elements: buffet line, round tables to eat at, and sponsor tables. The food and sponsor tables are all in the same area to make it easy for the attendees to speak to the sponsors. And, during registration, it’s right after where attendees will check in on the first day.

If you are an on-site sponsor, you’ll have a dedicated 6′ draped table in the sponsor area. Some sponsors bring pop-up displays, others keep it simple with just an iMac or even a laptop. In all cases, make sure that you have business cards, literature (if appropriate), and anything else that you didn’t put directly in the registration bag (see below). Please note: There is limited space next to the tables.

Your display setup is intended to be as easy as possible. WiFi is available throughout the event, and electricity at each table — so there’s nothing for you to do. Depending on the exact timing of lunch, sponsors will be provided lunch either before, or (more typically) after the lunch period. That way, sponsors can focus all their time on the attendees. You can setup your display after sessions begin in the morning.


While most of you will bring your own equipment, if you find that you need something like a larger display and want to rent it, please let us know. More notice gives us more flexibility to serve you, but we will always work to accommodate you.

Virtual Sponsors

If you are a virtual sponsor, you’ll have a setup like this using an iMac running video Skype (which we provide). The setup has a dedicated microphone and a MacTech staff member attending to invite attendees to speak with you, and be at your service. Note that the camera angle typically shows only those people right in front of the iMac (in these cases, the sponsor thought they were talking to just 1-2 people).

Get Visibility Even With Those Not Attending

We suggest you tell the world via email, your web site, social media, etc… about your sponsorship and show even those that aren’t at the event that you are sponsoring it. We have special discount registration codes for sponsors.

Registration Bag Inserts

If you have literature, tsotchkes, etc… for the registration bag, you are welcome to send. You should send 400 quantity.

The most effective items in the registration bag are those of value. For example, if you have a copy of software you can give … you are encoraged to do so. If you are able to send something of value for each recipient (e.g., software licenses are common), let us know this so that we can call it out and for the higher value items, we’ll even promote it pre-event so you get more visibility.

Raffle Items

You are welcome to raffle items and use them as a way to get attendees to give you their business cards.

If you can give us raffle items, please drop us a note with a list of what, if anything, you’ll be providing for the raffle so that we can help promote it.

Shipping Details

If you are sending materials for your booth, you may just want to ship it to your guest room at the hotel. Items for registration should be sent to the below address. In all cases, all items for the registration bag must be received no later than Monday, November 4th at the hotel. Note: Those items that are delivered after Mon November 4th will not make it into the registration bags.

Please send tracking numbers to us when your shipment has been shipped along with any other details we need to know on the shipment.

Timing and Schedule

Unlike many other seminars and conferences, MacTech events don’t hem people into rigid structures — it’s a running order and a framework. Due to this, we can be a bit off on exact times, so if you are presenting or timing something, give 10-15 minutes leeway. This approach not only allows us to pack more into the conference, but invites discussion from participants and allows a natural flow to the event.

With that in mind, all attendees (including our sponsors) will receive schedule updates on the web and through iCal. See more information at:

Detailed schedules are made available a few days prior to each event.


If a QuickTalk is part of your sponsor agreement (Gold and Platinum Sponsors), then there are a few things you need to know. It’s best to identify who the speaker will be and have them talk to us directly so that we can help them understand what works best for a presentation. This direct communication has served repeatedly as the best way for us to help you make the most of these presentations.

There’s a riser at the front of the room, with a table and a podium on it.  We have things set up in such a way that we’re used to plugging your laptop in on the fly, and bringing it up (it’ll be switched to another laptop with a title slide up while we’re doing this).

Most speakers prefer to bring up their laptop so that they are confident of what the slide stack looks like. For the main screen, we’ll have up a VGA male connection with an assortment of Mac video connectors, as well as for iPad/iPhone. If you need a sound hookup, let us know in advance — otherwise, we plan on video only.

We’ll be wiring you up with a wireless lavalier microphone for when you are speaking.

Check the schedule to see the APPROXIMATE time that you’ll be up.  You should be ready to go 30 minutes prior to whatever it says on the schedule.

Remember, MacTech sessions/QuickTalks start when the one before it ends.  We’ll mic you up prior to going on, and introduce you when the speaker before you ends.  The setup of getting you up does not count towards the 5-6 minutes.  Do not get stressed over the 5 minutes. Plan for 5, and if it goes to 6, it’s ok. We’ll be right to the side of the stage if you need us — and we’ll be reading the audience to help give you feedback as to if you are going too slow or too fast.

Be “Mingle-Ready”

One of the key differences between MacTech events and others is that we are built to constantly mingle giving you the opportunity to network, meet new people.  Think of it has being continually embedded in the conference — much like the media has been in recent overseas military actions. For sponsors, the result is one of the most impactful, relationship building experiences possible for a live event. Make sure you have business cards, and are ready to mingle … all the time! At every break, every meal, and every activity, strike up as many different conversations as is possible, and after the few days, you’ll find that you’ve made a huge number of real connections — ones that aren’t just a lead, but a relationship to build on.

Note: Schedule and details subject to change..