We start off the conference with an entertaining keynote by Andy Ihnatko. “We’re thrilled to welcome Andy as our keynote speaker. As an internationally beloved tech journalist (not to mention that he’s Chicago Sun Times’ Technology Columnist), Andy is insightful, funny, and a pleasure,” said Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, MacTech Magazine.

“This page contains a list of some of the amazing people that will present and be in attendance at MacTech Conference 2010 (but expect a surprise guest or two). Some of the incredible topics that will be covered are listed below,” said Ed Marczak, Sessions Chair and Executive Editor, MacTech Magazine.

The Conference begins at 10am on Wednesday, Nov 3; Registration opens at 8am. There will be 2.5 days of solid sessions with lunch and breaks provided. Dinner and evening activities will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 3 and 4. The conference will wrap up on Friday at approximately 1pm.


IT Track
Joe Block (Ooyala)
Justin Esgar (Virtua Computers)
Phil Goodman (Goodman Consulting)
Ben Greisler (Kadimac Consulting)
Nigel Kersten
Karl Kuhen
Ben Levy (Solutions Consulting)
Jeff McCune (Puppet Labs)
Greg Neagle
Scott Neal (Senseption)
Roy Nielsen (Los Alamos National Labs)
James Reynolds (University of Utah)
Randy Saeks (Northbrook/Glenview School District 30)
Nathan Toups

Mark Dalrymple (Borkware)
Dave DeLong
Matt Legend Gemmell
Louis Gerbarg
Peter Hosey
Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater Software)
Mike Lee
Matt Neuburg
Melissa Ortiz (Digital Stratosphere)
Boisy G. Pitre (Tee-Boy)
Jim Rea (ProVUE Development)
Wil Shipley (Delicious Monster)
Rich Warren

Andy Ihnatko
Sal Soghoian
Tom Limoncelli
Ellis Jordan Bojar (Author, Managing Macs)
Misha Leder (Google)
…and more.

Topic List

While there will be many opportunities for informal talks, here is a list of topics currently scheduled as presentations (and again, expect some surprises along the way).

Areas of Content
The new foundation of IT
Fleet Management
iOS and Mobile
Attention to Detail

Specific Topic Examples
Software engineering of the mind.
Time management for Techs
So, you want to write a tech book?
Automation: Services
The need for IT Developers
Clarity: Successfully communicate to clients and staff
Imaging best practices
Puppet for management
Open Directory and Google Apps
Pushing Packages with Munki
Creating Packages with The Luggage
Working with NSPredicate
Clarity: Successfully communicate to clients and staff
Using text frameworks in iOS
Web frameworks for application development
How to not write crappy software
UI and the User Experience
Marketing and SEO for your application
Creating a test harness for your application
Writing unit tests
How to spot bugs
Debugging war stories and gdb

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Note: Schedule and details subject to change.