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Whether you’ve been to any MacTech event prior, or are new to MacTech events, MacTech BootCamp III will benefit you. All new content. All new curriculum. All new line up. All designed specifically for the Apple tech.

MacTech BootCamp III: Denver, CO 2014

MacTech BootCamp III is a one day event targeted at the issues facing techs supporting small-to-medium sized businesses, small office, and home office (often referred to as SMB or SOHO markets), as well as consumers. Specifically, it is for anyone providing support services as a consultant or part of an organization. MacTech BootCamp’s sessions cover a variety of topics from those in the know about the topics below, all of which are designed to make BootCamp attendees more successful in supporting these markets.

Who Should Attend?

MacTech BootCamp is a one day event for those that support the small business market, small office/workgroup clients, or those supporting others in larger organizations.

MacTech BootCamp is a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to better serve their base. MacTech BootCamp is perfect for those that already support small-to-medium sized businesses, communities, organizations, provide services to systems integrators or government clients, consumers, or that want to become a consultant supporting these areas.

Packed Schedule.

Using MacTech’s proven “running order” approach, we pack in the maximum number of sessions into the time available. Session titles below. At MacTech BootCamp, you learn from the experts and get to ask questions of those “in the know.”

See more details below.

April 30, 2014
Magnolia Hotel Denver
818 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Registration at 8:15am (no earlier please).

Sessions begin at 9am.

Day ends by 6pm.

Hotel guest rooms are extremely limited downtown due to an insurance industry event. MacTech has arranged for a limited number of $149 rooms about 10 minutes from downtown at: Sheraton Denver West, 360 Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80228. Click here for Special Hotel Rate.

Microsoft Office Accreditation. If you register for this event, you can attend the Microsoft Office accreditation event from 2pm-6pm the day prior at no additional charge. Space is limited.

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Sessions Chairs

Mary Norbury-Glaser, Barbara Davis Center at University of Colorado, Denver

Mary Norbury-Glaser is Director of IT at the Barbara Davis Center, an affiliate center at the University of Colorado Denver. She has over 20 years experience in cross-platform systems implementation and administration in the education sector.

Craig Lindsey, GDi

Craig Lindsey is a MacAdmin, systems ninja, and IT Hero. He owns Grand Digital Information and is the full time IT Manager at Steve Spangler Science. A Denver native, he has almost 30 years experience in, on, and around Apple and speaks UNIX, too.

Neil Ticktin, MacTech Magazine

Neil not only emcees the event, but oversees the session chairs and content for each MacTech event. Neil has been the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacTech Magazine since 1992. With both a technical and business background, Neil has authored hundreds of articles including most of MacTech’s well known benchmarking articles on productivity applications, virtualization, and performance products.


Andrew Urbaczewski, University of Denver

Andrew is the Chair of the Department of Business Information and Analytics in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He first started teaching networking in 1998 while earning his Ph.D. in Information Systems at Indiana University, and his been known to play with the food on his dinner plate trying to turn the string beans into network links between the steak and the cloud potatoes. Andrew bought his first Mac in 2002, although first learned to write Applesoft BASIC in 1981 on an Apple IIe. When he’s not networking or teaching, Andrew loves the great outdoors of Colorado.

Michael Linde, Starz Entertainment

After breaking a Quadra 950 at his first job out of college in 1993, Michael has been troubleshooting and repairing Macs. This included time with Apple as a Mac Genius for 4 years, and as an independent consultant in Massachusetts for 2 years. For the last 10 years Michael has been debunking corporate myths about Mac OS and iOS. He has been integrating Macs and iOS devices in the enterprise since 2007. Michael has been a certified Technician (OS & Hardware) since 2004, Technical Coordinator since 2006 and Certified Systems Administrator since 2011. Michael has a passion for racing Cyclocross.

Weldon Dodd, Rewind Tech

Weldon has been an Apple Consultant (off and on) since 1993 and has worked in systems design and architecture for wireless carriers. In the early part of the 2000′s, Weldon was responsible for architecting wireless number portability solutions for some of the largest wireless carriers in the United States and led the team that implemented the first production directory-enabled network for Cisco. A father of five, Weldon now prefers to stay close to home in Denver, CO where he can work with small and medium sized businesses, charter and private schools, and individuals to help them make better use of Apple technologies like the iPhone, iPad, and of course, the Mac.

Mark Stevenson, Superior Mac Support

Mark started in independent computer consulting for himself in late 2009. Prior to this he worked for Apple, Inc. for over seven years, managing retail Appleshops in a couple retail partner locations in southeast Denver, CO. During that time he acquired extensive experience with the full range of Apple solutions for the consumer. Not just from a sales perspective, but also from a technical support view. He is a member of two Mac User Groups in the Denver/Boulder metro area. He regularly presents on a variety of topics at the Macintech Multimedia Special Interest Group meetings in Southeast Denver on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Kyle Van Son, Microsoft

Kyle Van Son is a Senior Trainer for Microsoft who has also been involved in the Apple community since 2010. With a passion for communicating ideas, Kyle loves to discuss technology and to inspire users to make the most out of it.

Christian Woodward,

Christian Woodward is a serial co-founder, programmer, security consultant, and compulsive hacker. His passion lies with analyzing systems, tackling complex software and network projects, and troubleshooting obscure issues. Christian currently is the founder and lead analyst at Intuitive, a consulting company in Las Vegas that caters to the unique high security needs of casinos, medical offices, and other information-sensitive industries. Once found singing an ode to his Powerbook, these days Christian can be found cooking, biking, or dreaming of fringe electronic projects.

Kirk Slowe, The Macsavage

Kirk’s affinity for macs started when mac lab at college always had computers available. This was around the time that Mosaic was introduced at the dawn of the internet. After asking a lot of questions at the university help desk while trying to fix an old Power Mac 6100, he was offered a job. After working at the university full time doing tech support for a few years, he left, joined the Apple Consultants Network and became a full time consultant and has been doing that ever since.

Craig Lindsey, GDi

Craig Lindsey is a MacAdmin, systems ninja, and IT Hero. He owns Grand Digital Information and is the full time IT Manager at Steve Spangler Science. A Denver native, he has almost 30 years experience in, on, and around Apple and speaks UNIX, too.

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick has worn a lot of hats throughout his career: business owner, consultant, software developer, software architect, trainer, trainer mentor, curriculum developer, author, and others. Ultimately, his passion for technology goes back to the Apple ][+, but it became a career shortly after his first experience with a NeXTstation while in grad school for something completely unrelated (Industrial and Organizational Psychology). After a few years of custom development work, the urge for something new kicked in and training and then IT consulting became his everyday work. Curriculum development and authorship came along after that. Recent interests include Wi-Fi, technology in education, Arduino, and quadcopters. When not in the home office, he likes to feel the sun on his face and spend time with his family.

Sessions and Topics

Sessions are 30-50 minutes long, with most sessions at about 40 minutes. There are nine sessions in the 2014 curriculum.

Topics Covered

The topics covered will include:

  • PKI, encryption, certificates and you.

  • The World of Apple IDs.

  • Profiles.

  • WiFi: Best Practices.

  • Deployment.

  • Backups and Storage.

  • Office for Mac: Collaboration Tools.

  • Security: Keeping Them Out.

  • Security: Letting Them In.

  • and more…

Read on for more details.

How Do the Key Building Blocks for Today’s Consultant Fit Together

What does today’s Apple consultant need to know to be effective in serving everyone from small business to Enterprise, support personnel, or even home users and networks.

PKI, encryption, certificates and you.

Secure encryption of data influences how we all use technology, and the assumptions we make about the privacy of our data both on our devices and when our data leaves our devices in email, in the cloud, when we shop, and in countless other ways that extend further into our private lives with every new technology we adopt. Learn about the technology that underlies our false sense of security, how it works and what you can do as a consultant to manage that security for your clients.

The World of Apple IDs

Apple is continually changing the rules for Apple IDs, iTunes accounts, and more. Learn the latest rules, how devices are treated, migrating to new hardware, dealing with multiple IDs, and iCloud. Find out how iTunes Match works, how Mac App Store differs from iTunes, and the right way for working with deployment and imaging. Learn the restrictions for merging Apple IDs and how to combine them.


We work on Apple technology in a privileged time. We have the ability to enroll our Macs and our iOS devices into device management. We have the ability to nearly magically send instructions over the air almost instantly to enrolled devices from a server. We can send special profiles that users cannot remove from applications like Apple Configurator to devices connected over a USB connection. So many management opportunities exist today, one can hardly fit all of the options into a single 40 minute talk, but in this Profiles session, we will do our very best.

WiFi. Best practices.

Wi-Fi has rapidly become the network connection of choice. This choice means the Wi-Fi network must be reliable at all times. Wi-Fi is no longer a “nice to have” – downtime or poor performance is not an option. This session presents factors that affect Wi-Fi performance and how to use them as part of your Wi-Fi design, deployment and troubleshooting.


Deployment was once a question of how to get the same software and configuration on a bunch of computers. Today it can mean so much more to you and your customers. Does it mean handing out iPads that are already configured and ready to go? Does it mean building a “perfect” computer and replicating it to dozens, hundreds or thousands of others? Does it mean building a clever array of installers, scripts and preference files to install in sequence to create a lightweight and flexible computer customization system? Today deployment means all of the above, and the well prepared consultant needs to understand them all.

Backups and Storage

Let’s face it people don’t back up their stuff. The fact is that is probably not your fault. The problem is if you don’t find a way to make it your problem eventually someone is going to blame you when they lose their stuff. This session is all about you saving the day. You will learn the tools, the techniques, and the tricks to make sure your customers are backing up their data, and that you can get their data back when disaster strikes.

Office for Mac: Collaboration Tools

You have options for collaboration productivity tools. What are the pros and cons of each? Do you know how to use web apps vs. applications effectively? Microsoft Office is at the core of how people work, yet many people don’t know what Office for Mac can do, let alone take advantage of it. Did you know that Office includes collaborative editing features both through the web and the cloud? Learn from Microsoft experts how you can not only make the most of Office for yourself, but those that you support.

Security. Keeping them out.

With the significant increase in cyber threats – particularly in the SMB and mid-market size companies, an understanding of systems security as well as the relevant threat is becoming increasingly essential in the marketplace. With the belief that “OS X is inherently secure,” it is our responsibility to ensure that our network and operations are as secure as anticipated. With a selection of core technologies, we can radically decrease the asymmetric threat.

Security. Letting them in.

So you’ve locked down your business – secured your data and network to eliminate any possible threat. Now the hard part – how do we let in specific users on specific devices to access our data. We must differentiate authorization and authentication to ensure access to specific resources and maintain our data integrity. By identifying the gap between user’s needs and our security requirements, we can ensure the data security while allowing real work to get done.


MacTech selects key vendors to be a part of the event. Sponsors will be speaking and attending the event, and can talk to you about the solutions they offer. It’s a unique opportunity to make contacts within these companies and get your questions answered. Interested in sponsoring a MacTech event? See our sponsorship page.


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