MacTech BootCamp II San Francisco, CA 2013

MacTech BootCamp is a one day event specifically targeted at the issues facing techs supporting small to medium sized businesses, small office, and home office (often referred to as SMB or SOHO markets), as well as home users (consumers). Specifically, it is for anyone providing support services as a consultant or part of an organization. MacTech BootCamp’s sessions cover a variety of topics from those in the know about the following topics: all designed to make BootCamp attendees more successful in supporting these markets. See the individual session descriptions below for a break down of each topic.

MacTech BootCamp is a one day event for those that support the small business market, small office/workgroup clients, or in the case of our DC event, provide services to government or subcontract to systems integrators.

Who Should Attend?

MacTech BootCamp is a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to serve their base better. Those that already support SMB (small to medium business) communities, organizations, provide services to systems integrators or government clients, consumers, or that want to become a consultant supporting these areas.

Packed Schedule.

Using MacTech’s proven “running order” approach, we pack in the maximum amount of sessions possible into the time available. Session titles and descriptions below. At MacTech BootCamp, you learn from the experts and get to ask questions from those “in the know.” See more details below.

August 13, 2013

Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel

2500 Mason Street

San Francisco, CA · 94133

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Registration at 8:15am (no earlier please).

Sessions begin at 9am.

Day ends by 6pm.

Microsoft Office Accreditation. If you register for this event, you can attend the Microsoft Office accreditation event from 2pm-6pm the day prior at no additional charge. Space is limited.

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Sessions Chairs

Neil Ticktin, MacTech Magazine

Neil not only emcees the event, but oversees the session chairs and content for each MacTech event. Neil has been the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacTech Magazine since 1992. With both a technical and business background, Neil has authored hundreds of articles including most of MacTech’s well known benchmarking articles on productivity applications, virtualization, and performance products.

Kevin Lockey, Lockey Solutions

Kevin has been using Macintosh computers since the first 512e that he bought. As a Manager in several positions with CopyMat/CPI and BMUG he gained practical knowledge that he has applied for the last decade in my Macintosh Consulting practice. Working in retail for 9 years has given him unique perspective in helping business owners decide the best solution for their Inventory Management and Point of Sale Systems. Having taught High School for 5 years he understands the situation that both educators face in dealing with computer technology. As a parent of a college student and an elementary school student he knows first-hand how technology affects our daily lives as parents. As a small business owner he survives on his customer service and geek translation skills. He looks to his network of people in Linkedin to provide the watercooler to talk around and also to extend his network.

Roger Smith, Artegenix

After a series of jobs at computer companies that seemed to start up, merge, and collapse at a truly frantic pace (but were never boring) Roger decided to head out on his own, working with Macs and LANs. Since then he has learned a lot about running a small business, customer support on a personal scale and customer interaction. Like technology, those are lessons that have to be built upon each day to be a successful consultant. Roger enjoys working with Macs because he feels he is more productive when the computer was designed with the end user in mind. And he knows a little Unix. He works a lot with networks since they were one of the last black arts in the computer field. (ka-ching !) Living in Silicon Valley, he sees a lot of unusual and unique things. Ask him and he’ll show you a photo of his favorite WiFi LAN.


Arek Sokol, Genentech/Roche

Arek Sokol is a Senior Mac Engineer at Genentech/Roche. With an “Anything Mac” mantra, Arek designs and implements Mac infrastructure solutions for one of the world’s leading biotech companies. In this role, he manages more than 10,000 enterprise Macintosh systems and establishes standards for hardware, software and other devices on the Mac platform.

Scott Neal, acmeFoo

Scott M. Neal has been utilizing and programming Apple products since first getting his hands on an Apple ][+ and later NeXTcube. Scott’s believes strongly in automation–getting devices to do your work the way you want to, with minimal effort and stress. Often, the real benefits of device automation are underutilized–Scott would prefer that you be empowered with how to automate (meaning script and program) devices YOURSELF to do what YOU want, not just what you may see yourself limited to by default application and service setups. With that goal specifically in mind, Scott co-created acmefoo, the Apple Technology focused training and development co-op, which offers training, courseware, and consulting on a peer level, without being tied to specific device sales or marketing.

Jeanette Lee, Rukus Wireless

Jeanette Lee has over 20 years of experience in high-performance networking. She has been deeply involved in product sales, marketing and network architect positions with companies at the forefront of their fields such as Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Networks, and FORE Systems. Jeanette has written or co-authored dozens of technology papers on topics ranging from security to educational tutorials and best practices.

Allen Hancock, The Orchard Solutions

Allen Hancock received his Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri – Columbia. This background in education keeps him coming back to MacTech. In 2000, Allen started the Mac Consulting Group, Inc: an Apple Specialist and Authorized Training Center based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There, he found his thrill in helping clients make the most of their computing experiences. In 2012, Allen sold the Mac Consulting Group to The Orchard, where he continue to do what he loves most: help make happy customers. Over the course of his career, he met too many people as they suffered a failing hard drive without a current backup. As a means of preventing such loss, Allen founded Watchman Monitoring, Inc. Its namesake product is a Software as a Service tool which allows service providers to address such problems before it’s too late.

Jason Fineberg, CoreQuick

Over the last 6 plus years with the company, Jason has become the heart of our customer support and sales engineering team. Jason’s background in graphic design, publishing and sales gives our customers the expertise they are looking for in graphic design technical support, font management support and systems architecture, publishing workflow architecture, digital asset management system architecture, deployment and support. For the past several years his focus has been primarily on iOS deployments for education. Jason has been part of designing and implementing many of the processes being used today in educational deployments of iOS Devices. He has been both a team leader and a team player on these deployments working as lead presenter and project lead all the way to staff support and runner. A vital, seasoned and skilled employee with an ability to adapt to most any situation. When not at work he can be found at beach, hiking, art openings, concerts, traveling, being an uncle or giving his Disneyland Annual Pass some exercise.

Sean Costello, Background Backup

Sean Costello has supported Macs in business since 1993. Based in Ottawa, ON, Sean represents the Canadian perspective on the Apple Consultant’s Network. He is a member of the ACN Advisory Council, he works with resellers, consultants and business owners across North America to better navigate today’s challenges surrounding IT deployment and support. Sean is an expert with CrashPlan Pro, and he excels at helping other consultants learn how to use, to sell and to deploy CrashPlan solutions for their customers.

Brian Govatos, Microsoft

Brian Govatos is a Senior Trainer for Microsoft who has also been heavily involved in the Apple community since 2006. From 2006 to 2009, he was a Mac consultant for several small business clients in Las Vegas. With a passion for communicating ideas, Brian loves to discuss technology and to inspire users to make the most out of it.

John Wells, CoreQuick

John Wells is an ACTC with extensive field experience deploying iOS devices and mobile device management systems including Apple Configurator, Profile Manager, JAMF Casper, and Airwatch, He has deployed thousands of iOS devices for various public and private institutions. John is currently a senior level support engineer with CoreQuick in Los Angeles, California.


Sessions are 30-50 minutes long, with most sessions are about 40 minutes. There are nine sessions in the 2013 curriculum.

Topics Covered

The topics covered will include:

  • Overview of What are the Key Building Blocks for Today’s Apple Consultant
  • Mobility and Profiles
  • Local Storage, Network Storage, Backups
  • Networks and Routing
  • The World of Apple IDs
  • DNS
  • Microsoft Office: Feature and Deployment Options
  • Command Line
  • Deployment
  • and more…

Read on for more details.

How Do the Key Building Blocks for Today’s Consultant Fit Together

What does today’s Apple consultant need to know to be effective in serving everyone from small business to Enterprise, support personnel, or even home users and networks.

Mobility and Profiles

Who owns the data on your mobile device? How do you keep sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands? What do you do when you blur the lines between personal and business needs for a phone? At an increasing rate, clients and staff need help managing mobile devices. They need to keep their data secure, and give users the features and access they want, and they want to do so without compromising. There are a variety of ways to accomplish these goals. Learn about mobility, profiles, and the steps you can take to find the right solution for their needs.

Local Storage, Network Storage, Backups

Data is growing faster and larger than ever before. SSDs, Fusion drives, cloud, and network are just a few buzz words of the day. Do you know the proper use for each? Do you know your options for connecting storage? Do you know how to serve your backup needs properly? Learn about storage area networks vs. network attached storage, backup options and critical knowledge for keeping data safe.

Networks and Routing

Networks: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them — they often are plagued with invisible, black box problems, yet need to be working 24/7. Are you trying to design a network that should not be seen nor heard about? Do you have the knowledge to eliminate or identify network issues in tackling a problem? Are you ready for what IPv6 is going to do to every network, everywhere? Learn about network design and troubleshooting from the ground up, and see a great example of what a common small business network should look like.

The World of Apple IDs

Apple is continually changing the rules for Apple IDs, iTunes accounts, and more. Learn the latest rules, how devices are treated, migrating to new hardware, dealing with multiple IDs, and iCloud. Find out how iTunes Match works, how Mac App Store differs from iTunes, and the right way for working with deployment and imaging. Learn the restrictions for merging Apple IDs and how to combine them.


There is one technology that is core to how all other technologies today work. It affects email, web, file servers, databases and in short, just about everything. As a core technology, it’s often the cause of so many problems — or as one of our sessions chairs says “It’s Always DNS®”. In this session, you’ll learn not only about the most important parts of today’s DNS, but also some of the best examples of how you can use DNS as a tool, debug, and finally, find additional resources and information about domain name services.

Microsoft Office: Feature and Deployment Options

Microsoft Office is at the core of how people work, yet many people don’t know what Office for Mac can do, let alone take advantage of it. Did you know that Office includes collaborative editing features both through the web and the cloud? Or that Office can be deployed in a variety of ways, and licenses used on more than one computer? Do you know which Office features that help people work the most efficiently? Learn from Microsoft experts how you can not only make the most of Office for yourself, but those that you support.

Command Line

Because the Mac has such an intuitive user interface, many consultants forget about the power of the command line — which can often accomplish something faster, or more easily. Sometimes, it’s the only way to accomplish certain things. Learn about how the command line works, the best way to use man pages, and scripts. Walk away with real examples and useful tips.


How do you stop doing the same thing over and over again? How do you help someone get a number of computers ready for use very quickly? Deployment and management of devices, disk images, and packages are often the critical solution. And, yesterday’s best practices are quickly being replaced by new methodologies. Learn about deployment options, imaging, packages and the tools you need to be productive and efficient.


MacTech selects key vendors to be a part of the event. Sponsors will be speaking and attending the event, and can talk to you about the solutions they offer. It’s a unique opportunity to make contacts within these companies and get your questions answered. Interested in sponsoring a MacTech event? See our sponsorship page.


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Note: All information is approximate and projected, but it does evolve. All sessions, speakers and descriptions are subject to change at any time without notice.