Some Speed You Can’t Stopwatch

MacTech’s tests are primarily done using a stopwatch, and as such, they are timing things that are done solely by the computer. This is a good judge of the difference between Office 2011 vs. 2008/4. In addition to stopwatch speed, Office 2011 has streamlined the steps for many activities. For example, as we mentioned, charting in Excel takes fewer steps than both 2008 and 2004. WordArt is another example. And the list goes on.

All of these items give users a great deal more “user speed”…and those are not the type of things that can be measured with a stopwatch. However, in many cases, you will see significant “user speed” improvements, regardless.


It’s difficult to make broad statements on how much faster an application is overall, but it’s what you likely want to know. To satisfy that, MacTech has taken a series of test results, and used a center weighted average to give you an idea of how much faster these applications are. See Table 1.

Figure 12: Results Overview

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