Apple’s global Mac shipments grew 6% annually in the second quarter of 2024, reports Canalys.

The research group says Apple sold 5.5 million Macs in the second quarter of this year. That compares to 5.2 million in the second quarter of 2023. 

The Mac now has 8.8% of the global personal computer market compared to 8.6% in the year-ago quarter. Ahead of Apple in global PC market share are Lenovo (23.4%), HP (21.8%), an dell (16%). 

Note that Canalys doesn’t count iPads as personal computers. If it did, Apple’s worldwide market share would be much higher. 

“The PC industry is going from strength to strength with a third consecutive quarter of growth,” says Ishan Dutt, principal analyst at Canalys. “The market turnaround is coinciding with exciting announcements from vendors and chipset manufacturers as their AI PC roadmaps transition from promise to reality.”

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today