Apple’s big Siri upgrade — bolstered by Apple Intelligence — should arrive next spring, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says in his latest “Power On” newsletter.  

“For the first time, the digital assistant will have precise control over actions inside of Apple’s apps,” he writes. “That means you can ask Siri to, say, edit a photo and then ship it off to a friend. It also will have the ability to understand what you’re looking at on your display, helping Siri determine what you want to do based on the context. But neither of those upgrades will be ready when Apple Intelligence launches this fall.”

Gurman says Siri features are likely to go into beta testing for developers in January and then debut publicly around the springtime — part of an iOS 18.4 upgrade that’s already in the works. Other Siri features, such as a new design and ChatGPT integration, will be coming later this year. Apple Intelligence also will be coming to the Vision Pro, but not until next year. 

“Anyone looking to use the features on Apple’s home devices, meanwhile, is out of luck,” Gurman says. “They’ll have to wait until the company introduces its AI-powered table-top robot, something I’ve been reporting on for several months.’

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today