RemotePC, a remote desktop access service, has updated its solution for macOS and Windows. According to the folks at RemotePC, new enhancements include:

  • Microsoft App store release – users can now download viewer/host applications via Windows app store.
  • Desktop shortcut feature – allows users to quickly access host machines
  • Better remote session quality
  • Remote to remote Copy/Paste support (host-to-host) for files, folders, and content.
  • New redirect microphone input feature
  • View only option
  • Multiple file transfer support – users can drag and drop multiple folders into the remote machine.

Along with the new enhancements, RemotePC also boasts such features as:

  • File transfer, remote printing, and chat capabilities
  • Access via web browser from anywhere
  • Remotely view or control Android devices and Chromebooks via mobile, desktop, or the web.
  • Access files on remote computers from any PC/Mac. Perform search, upload, and download operations.
  • Access a remote computer from any PC/Mac/Linux. Even from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

Pricing for RemotePC starts at US$29.50/year for access to a single computer, with more plans to meet the needs for users of any size. For more pricing information visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today