ESR has announced two new additions to its lineup of Qi2 chargers. They are, with the company’s descriptions:

° The ESR Qi2 3-in-1 Travel Wireless Charging Set (pictured), the latest and most anticipated member of the lineup, charges an iPhone at double the speed of a 7.5W MagSafe charger. The Apple Watch charges even 4x faster than competitors, thanks to the adoption of the newest 2nd generation Apple-certified charging module. Notably, it will be compatible with all future updates to iOS and Apple Watch OS to ensure reliable charging for years to come. What sets it further apart from the competition is the detachable Apple Watch charger that fits in the pocket for travel use. The whole charger weighs only 131 g and measures 1.6 cm when folded, fitting easily into the complimentary travel case for effortless portability.

° The ESR Qi2 Mini Wireless Charger features an ultra-light and compact design while providing 15W fast charging speed like other Qi2 chargers. With 18 powerful N52 magnets built into the mini-sized charger, it offers an impressive 1200 g of holding force, ensuring secure attachment to the iPhone. Every detail is carefully refined, including the extra-long and durable 5-ft nylon-braided cable that is tested to withstand over 6000 bends.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today