OmniFocus 4.3 is now available universally across Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro. This release introduces support for device Focus Filters, a new Favorite Perspective shortcut, and more.

While “Focus” has long been a key feature of OmniFocus, OmniFocus 4.3 introduces a new way to focus on OmniFocus data, with new support for device Focus Filters. Focus Filters, configurable in the Focus section of the Settings app, allow you to customize what app data is displayed when a Focus mode is enabled on your device. 

With OmniFocus 4.3, you can now set device Focus Filters to automatically filter out any OmniFocus content which is not relevant to the current Focus. Also included in OmniFocus 4.3 is a new Favorite Perspective shortcut. With this shortcut, you can change your favorite perspectives by using a Siri command. Or you can take your device Focus customization a step further, by automating which set of perspectives gets displayed in the OmniFocus Perspectives Bar on your device when a device Focus is enabled or disabled.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today