One of the complaints of the Apple Vision Pro is that its uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Apple continues to look of methods of alleviating this issue as evidenced by a new patent filing (number US 20240142783 A1) for “Support for Head-Mountable Device.”

About the patent filing

In the patent filing Apple notes that it’s desirable to maximize the fit and comfort of a head-mounted device such as the Vision Pro on the user, so that usage of the head-mountable device for extended durations isn’t difficult.

Some head-mountable devices are designed to secure to the head of the user by wrapping tightly around the back of the user’s head, for example, with a band. This arrangement often focuses forces on the front and rear of the user’s head. However, Apple notes that this can be uncomfortable for the user and restrict the movement of the user’s face, for example when making natural facial expressions.

In some applications, a user may wear a head-mountable device for a relatively short period of time. During a short period of time, a user may not experience discomfort from wearing the head-mountable device. However, in some applications, a user may wear a head-mountable device for a longer or extended period of time. During extended wear of a head-mountable device, the user may experience discomfort due to prolonged and/or focused forces on the user’s head.

Apple’s ideas it to more evenly distribute forces across a wide area of the user’s head during extended wear of a head-mounted device. For example, systems described in the patent filing can provide a head-mountable device that distributes securement forces along a user’s head.

Summary of the patent filing

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent filing: “Systems of the present disclosure can provide a head-mountable device that distributes forces along the user’s head. A head-mountable device can include head securement element with a support element to engage the head of the user. The support element can be coupled to the frame or light seal module of the head-mountable device. The support element can be attachable or deployable from the head-mountable device. A head-mountable device can also distribute forces with a support portion extending from a band.”

About the Vision Pro

Demos of the Apple Vision Pro at Apple Stores in the U.S. can be reserved on To reserve a free Vision Pro demo online, go here, then follow the steps to book an appointment at your local Apple Store. 

Pricing for the Vision Pro starts at US$3,499 with 256GB of storage. ZEISS Optical Inserts are available: $99 for reading lens and $149 for prescription lens. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today