Apple stole the global smartphone production show in quarter four of 2023 with a staggering 58.6% production surge—thanks to the buzz around its iPhone 15 series—cementing its lead with roughly 78.5 million units produced, according to new data from TrendForce.

However, despite leading the pack, Apple experienced a 4.2% decline in annual production, dropping to 223 million units and securing second place, the research group notes. 

TrendForce’s latest insights reveal a significant rebound in global smartphone production, marking the end of an eight-quarter slump in the third quarter of 2023. In a strategic year-end surge, brands amped up production to capture more market share, propelling fourth quarter smartphone output up 12.1% to reach 337 million units. Despite this impressive final quarterly growth, 2023 rounded off with a slight 2.1% dip in annual production—totaling 1.166 billion units, says TrendForce.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today