Box, Inc. has launched its new Box app for the Apple Vision Pro, which goes on sale today.

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box says the app “revolutionizes how people experience and collaborate on content in the enterprise.” The immersive experiences and infinite desktop powered by the visionOS platformtransforms how people work with content, while relying on the security and compliance of the Box Content Cloud, he adds.

“Apple Vision Pro is a massive step change in technology akin to iPhone and iPad,” Levie says. “This breakthrough technology introduces immersive experiences that fundamentally redefine the way we work by delivering visually stunning interactions without physical limitations. From developing the next new breakthrough product to reimagining customer experiences, the possibilities are endless. By bringing Box to Apple Vision Pro, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible for the future of work.”

He adds that with Box for Apple Vision Pro:

  • Construction companies can open their blueprint files or progress images stored in Box and virtually visit the site with different project stakeholders to enable interactive collaboration between teams from anywhere.
  • Retailers will be able to use Apple Vision Pro to explore a retail display window design proposal in Box, making it possible to see how the space will look and feel to customers to create more compelling and effective display designs.
  • Manufacturers will be able to view 3D product renderings inside of Box in an immersive, full-size environment such as a workshop floor, with the ability to zoom in and out to see details more clearly and accelerate work.
  • Entertainment companies can immerse themselves in video files stored in Box to better analyze footage, animations, or visual effects to create a more cohesive and engaging final product.
  • Higher education institutions will be able to bring faculty researchers and students into virtual learning experiences, training with 3D models of complex concepts found in their Box files, to provide an interactive and engaging way to supplement traditional instruction.

According to Levie, by bringing Box’s productivity and collaboration experience to visionOS, Box customers will be able to access a rich set of collaborative and secure content features that will change how they engage with their digital content. For example:

  • Immerse yourself in rich content: View images and videos with spatial audio right from within Box Preview to transform the way work is presented, reviewed, and shared.
  • Merge the digital and physical world: Place 3D objects in physical space for an enhanced visual experience that brings your work to life and improves understanding of complex visual concepts.
  • Get “hands-on” and interact with content in new ways: Leverage Siri dictation technology alongside intuitive eye and hand gestures to navigate through the Box app effortlessly while enabling hands-on manipulation of content for effective visualization.
  • Create your own infinite desktop to multitask: Leverage visionOS multitasking capabilities to open Box alongside other apps on screen so you can access critical information from multiple sources simultaneously without sacrificing productivity or focus.
  • Seamlessly organize and navigate your files: Search, browse, preview all of your Box files seamlessly, and organize content into easily accessible Collections, to enhance productivity by making it easier than ever before to share and collaborate in Box.

The Box for Apple Vision Pro app will be available for free in the App Store for visionOS for all Box users.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today