Kandji, an Apple device management and security platform, has announced Home Screen Layout for iOS and iPadOS, a new feature within its library of security settings and controls to support mobile Apple fleets. 

Kandji’s Home Screen Layout for iOS and iPadOS drives efficiency by enabling IT administrators to define and remotely deploy Home Screen layouts for iPhone and iPad devices to create a consistent UX across the mobile devices they manage, according to Staff Product Engineer Alexandre Morin.. Mirroring Apple’s core philosophy of simplicity and intuitiveness, Kandji’s Home Screen Layout for iOS and iPadOS also creates a uniform and predictable experience for end users, bolstering their productivity, he adds.

Home Screen Layout is another feature in Kandji’s expanding catalog of iOS/iPadOS capabilities, which also include: 

  • Managed OS: Ensures every iPhone and iPad device has the latest version of the operating system.
  • Return to Service: Resets mobile devices and readies them for new users.
  • Lost Mode: Allows mobile Apple devices to be located when they’re lost or stolen without compromising user privacy.
  • Managed Data Flow: Controls how app data is shared between managed (or unmanaged) sources and destinations.
  • Device Naming: Facilitates consistent naming formulae for devices at scale, easing interoperability with other elements of your tech stack.
  • Passcode Enforcement: Enforces secure passcodes for your devices.
  • Configure VPNs and Wi-Fi Access:Ensures mobile devices can safely connect to the network resources they need.

To learn more about Home Screen Layout for iOS and iPadOS, visit www.kandji.io/solutions/ios-mdm-solution.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today