PlanetArt has launched its PhotoCalendars mobile app. Part of the family, this service for iOS and Android offers a way to make custom calendars.

With PhotoCalendars users can transform their memories into personalized gifts. The app provides an interface that guides users through the creative process, allowing them to select photos not only from their phone’s photo gallery, but also from other photo storage sources, as well. Or, if they prefer, users can choose a themed calendar, including licensed calendars featuring Peanuts, Garfield, SpongeBob and many others.

PhotoCalendars lets users tailor their calendars to their personal preferences in other ways, as well. Not just limited to their choice of national and religious holidays, users can add custom events that mean the most to them and their recipients, like birthdays and anniversaries.

To download PhotoCalendars, visit the App Store or Google Play. Or for more information, visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today