NexDock has teamed up with the folks behind the infiniteX2P app to “turn an iPhone 15 into a laptop.”

The folks at NexDock says this is possible thanks to the introduction of USB-C compatibility on the iPhone 15 and the integration of the infiniteX2P app. They say the key features of this innovative collaboration include:

USB-C Compatibility: The iPhone 15’s USB-C port now allows for a direct connection to NexDock, eliminating the need for adapters or cumbersome cables. This seamless integration ensures a stable and rapid data transfer experience, making it easy to transform your smartphone into a laptop with a single plug-and-play connection.

infiniteX2P App: The infiniteX2P app, available on the App Store, serves as the bridge between your iPhone 15 and NexDock. This powerful app extends your iPhone’s capabilities, enabling a desktop-style interface, multitasking, and enhanced productivity features. With a user-friendly interface, the infiniteX2P app makes it effortless to switch between apps, manage tasks, and access your iPhone’s full potential as a laptop replacement.

Future-Ready: As technology evolves, so will infiniteX2P. With continuous updates and improvements, infiniteX2P is committed to delivering a seamless and future-ready laptop experience for iPhone users.

NexDock’s partnership with the infiniteX2P app marks a significant milestone in the world of mobile computing. It showcases the innovative spirit of both companies and their dedication to providing users with flexible, powerful, and convenient solutions.

You can download the infiniteX2P app from the App Store and use it to connect an iPhone 15 to the US$269 NexDock. For more information about NexDock and infiniteX2P please visit and

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today