Feral Interactive has announced that The Tropican Dream DLC is out now for Tropico on iOS and Android, available via in-app purchase.
Here’s how it’s described: The Tropican Dream challenges El Presidente across six original scenarios, each exclusive to the mobile version of Tropico. New dilemmas and outlandish scenarios will arrive to test the wits and governing genius of even the most savvy dictator, delivered in the satirical style that makes this humorous city builder so unique. Navigating ancient curses and facing God’s wrath are the least of the problems, as El Presidente labours heroically to make good the dreams of the Tropican people!
A new trailer for The Tropican Dream is viewable now.  
The Tropican Dream is available as an in-app purchase to owners of Tropico on iOS and Android for US$2.49.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today