Porsche says it’s expanding the functionality of the My Porsche App to provide new features within Apple CarPlay. The sports car maker is the first automotive manufacturer to allow for easier access of vehicle functions within CarPlay, according to Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital and CIO Porsche AG. 

The My Porsche App is the hub for the digital management and control of a Porsche vehicle. For example, it shows the state of charge of the vehicle battery, can adjust the air conditioning and send destinations to the navigation system. What’s more, the My Porsche App links existing accounts with third-party providers, for example Apple Music, to the associated apps in Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

The updated My Porsche App combines vehicle functions with the CarPlay experience, including the ability to show images of the specific model within CarPlay, Ulbrich says. Core functions that can be conveniently adjusted even via the My Porsche App include audio settings such as sound profiles, changing radio stations, adjusting settings for climate control and ambient lighting. 

In addition, these functions can be combined into wellness modes, such as “relax”, “warm up” and “refresh,”using quick actions in CarPlay. Customers also gain the convenience of controlling various vehicle functions using Siri while driving their Porsche.

Ulbrich says that activating this new Porsche experience is fast and straightforward by scanning a QR code displayed in the PCM. The My Porsche App will receive regular updates ensuring Porsche customers will get new features in CarPlay as they develop. The functionality makes its debut in the new Porsche Cayenne, available now. After that it will be rolled out to other model lines.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today