As noted by MacRumors, a beta version of Voicemode for macOS is now available for download. It’s a voice changer and soundboard app.

Here’s how Voicemode for Mac is described: You’ll find a large library of voices for users to get the most out of Voicemod on their Mac devices. From our classic voices to our newest ones, we’re giving you a huge range to enjoy in all situations. Use cool voice effects to surprise your friends while gaming or your viewers while streaming. Voicemod allows you to switch on real time voice-changing moments that no one expects — get ready for all sorts of reactions!

Voicemod’s virtual microphone includes support for Discord, Roblox, Minecraft, Riot Games, Fortnite, Zoom, and more. The software is also compatible with FaceTime and iMessage, bringing real-time voice changing to Apple’s stock video and chat apps.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today