If you’re a Mac laptop owner, Twelve South’s HiRise Pro offers a cool addition to your workspace. The US$99.99 accessory is not only height-adjustable, but is also MagSafe Charger ready. 

The HiRise Pro adjusts up and down, allowing you to add 2.5 to 6 inches of height to your laptop. This not only provides better ergonomics, but also allows you to set the optimum for eye-level video calls or aligning with can external display such as the Apple Studio Pro. 

The HiRise Pro is also, according to the folks at Twelve south, the first and only stand that “stealthily holds your MagSafe Charger for a streamlined workspace.” Note that you’ll have to buy a MagSafe Charger if you don’t own one because, not surprisingly, Twelve South isn’t including one in the HiRise Pro box.

The HiRise Pro sports an under-the-bottom chamber that holds and hides such a charger. This allow you to wirelessly charge your iPhone or AirPods atop the vegan leather-lined HiRise Pro base. If you need to take the charger on-the-go, just life stand to pop it out.

The HiRise Pro fits all laptops and MacBooks from 11-inch Air to 16-inch Pro. It weighs 1.65 pounds. And it’s a great aesthetic match, especially with the silver and black aesthetic of Apple’s MacBook Pro accessories. 

Overall, the HiRise Pro makes a great accessory for any Mac laptop.

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today