As of today, Apple users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland have the new Apple Maps. Navigation has become faster and more accurate, and buildings, parks, airports and shopping malls are displayed in detail. 

Sights such as the Grand Ducal Palace, the NEMO Science Museum and the castles of Bellinzona can be viewed in 3D. In addition to the new map, there are also many features that make it easier for users to explore the world, according to Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services. 

The “Siri Natural Language Guidance” feature offers directions that sound more natural and easier to follow, for example “Turn left at the next traffic light.” Lane instructions are already guided drivers to the right track as soon as they approach their exit or an elevated road. This is to prevent them from turning too late or driving in the wrong direction. The Speed Camera feature shows when users approach a speed or red light camera, and these cameras are also indicated on the map. With iOS 16, Apple Maps plans routes with up to 15 stops. The route is automatically synced from Mac to iPhone when it’s time to hit the road.Users can tell family, friends, or colleagues what time they expect to arrive with a tap, or via Siri with Share Arrival. The recipient can track the trip and see a revised expected arrival time in Maps if there is a delay. 

Cue says it’s also easy to report an accident, danger or speed control, simply by saying to Siri ‘An accident happened further down the road’ or “Something is on the road.” Users can even report it when an accident displayed on the map is over, all while keeping attention on traffic.

Drivers with certain electric cars can also plan their ride in Maps with suitable charging points, taking into account differences in altitude and other factors along the route.

Public access users in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland can more easily find nearby stations and pin frequently used lines. With iOS 16, OV travelers can now see what their trip costs within Maps, put their transit subscription in Wallet, and view and replenish their balance.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today