Choosing to purchase the new iPhone 14 Pro Max was easy. My previous iPhone was the XS Max. It was time for the upgrade. 

Choosing the color was simple. I really loved the Gold color of my previous iPhone, so I was happy that the iPhone 14 Pro Max was available in gold.

Choosing a case to protect my investment, now that is a challenge. I need drop protection and I want a case to show off the gold iPhone color. This is my first MagSafe phone, how does that work with a case?

Fortunately, I have been given the chance to test some of the cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and I am ready to share my discoveries.

SwitchEasy ( has a variety of cases available for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The least expensive of the SwitchEasy cases is the 0.35 Ultra Slim Case. This case is available in two colors, Transparent Black and Transparent White. The Transparent White case mutes the iPhone’s color a bit. I did not try the Transparent Black, but I think it would look nice on the Space Black iPhone. The case is very light weight and is ultra thin, about the thickness of a credit card. 

The case also features a raised lens bezel. The 0.35 Ultra Slim Case does not have a magnetic ring, however, it will work with magnetic accessories. I tried it with my MagSafe car mount and it does work. The 0.35 Ultra Slim Case will protect your iPhone from scratches and fingerprints while providing extra grip. There are no claims of drop protection on the package so I would not purchase this case if drop protection is a concern.

For only a few dollars more, the Gravity M Ultra Slim Magnetic Case looks and feels much like the 0.35 Ultra Slim Case. The Gravity M Ultra Slim Magnetic Case is available in four colors (Transparent Black, Transparent Blue, Transparent Pink, Transparent White). This case also features a raised lens bezel and has the MagSafe magnetic ring. 

I tried the Transparent Black case, which is not very transparent on the gold iPhone. The Apple logo on the back of the phone is only visible in good lighting. The other three colors of the Gravity M Case appear to be more transparent. Again, if drop protection is a concern, you might want to consider one of the following cases.

For drop protection SwitchEasy has many great choices. The Aero+ is comparable in weight to the Ultra Slim Case and Gravity M Ultra Slim Magnetic Case. The Aero+ package is labeled “Military Grade Drop-Tested”. 

The grip around the edges of the iPhone feels more substantial than that of the previous two cases. The Aero+ is available in three colors. The Clear Black and Sierra Blue cases have a clear back. The Misty Black case has a misty black back.

The Aero+ has an Ultra-Thin Back Cover without a magnetic ring. It is magnetic accessories compatible. The case, however, does not have a very strong attraction on my MagSafe car mount. I am not sure I would trust it to stay on the MagSafe mount on a rough road. The Aero+ is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a basic case with good grip, scratch and drop protection, and magnetic charging around the home or office.

The following cases (Crush M, Starfield M, and Artist M) have all worked very well with our MagSafe car mount. We live in a rural area and while most of our roads are paved, some of the pavement is not always smooth.

For my previous iPhone I chose a clear case with good drop protection. SwitchEasy has two very nice crystal clear cases that let the beauty of the iPhone shine through. The Crush and the Crush M are AirBarrier Shockproof cases that are certified MIL-STD-810H Military Grade Drop Tested and include the raised lens bezel. The Crush M has built-in magnets for magnetic accessories. Both cases have a good feeling grip and provide scratch protection. The Crush M case is my husband’s case of choice.

Now for my favorite or perhaps I should say favorites.

From the moment the sample cases arrived I was enamored with the Starfield 3D Glitter Resin Cases (Starfield and Starfield M). These cases have the same specifications as the Crush and Crush M cases. In addition, the cases are handmade, so no two cases are exactly alike. There are four color choices: Transparent, Forzen (this is the spelling from the SwitchEasy Official site), Twilight, and Galaxy.

I have both Starfield (pictured above) and Starfield M (pictured below) cases. The Twilight color case is beautiful on the Gold iPhone and it also looks very nice on the SpaceBlack iPhone. My MagSafe case is the Starfield M Transparent. This case perfectly showcases the color of my iPhone. I think it would also look amazing on the Deep Purple iPhone.

I also love the Artist Double In-Mold Decoration Cases which are available in five beautiful designs. Two of the designs are available for MagSafe. These cases also have the same specifications as the Crush and Crush M cases. Go to and check the video for the Artist Double In-Mold Decoration Cases to get a glimpse of how these cases are made.

Overall, I really like what SwitchEasy has to offer. There are a variety of styles to choose from, the cases offer protection for my phone, and MagSafe compatible is available for many of the styles.

And one more thing . . . these cases are very affordable.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today