Country girl that I am, I need a durable case for my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Whether I’m out and about on the farm, taking a walk, or doing the dreaded weekly shopping, I have found MAGEASY has several excellent choices to keep my iPhone safe. You can see these cases for yourself at

The MAGEASY cases are all MIL-STD-810H Military Grade Drop Tested and include the raised lens bezel. All of the cases are available with or without MagSafe. Most of the cases also include extra drop protection on the corners.

The MAGEASY cases without extra protection on the corners are the MARBLE Double Layer Protection Case and the GLAMOUR Double Layer In Mold Protection Case. There are three designs for each of these cases. The MARBLE cases are opaque on the back and have clear sides. The GLAMOUR cases (below) have some transparency in the designs. I tested the MARBLE M in Champaign White. This lightweight case provides good grip along the edges, seems durable, and works well with my MagSafe car mount.

I generally prefer a clear case to show the beautiful Gold color of my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Most of the MAGEASY cases have clear back covers. The clearest of all are the ATOMS and ATOMS M cases. These cases are lightweight, crystal clear all around, and have 0.3 Airbarrier Touchless Protection. It is easy to see the extra drop protection on the corners. The ATOMS cases have a good feeling grip and fit easily in my pockets.

The ALOS (above) and ALOS M cases are very similar to the ATOMS cases. Both cases are clear with just a hint of tint. The tint is more noticeable on the sides, but doesn’t seem to change the color on the back of the phone. What makes this case really standout is the use of Anti-Yellowing UV-resistant material. For my previous iPhone I had a clear case that yellowed over time. I consider the Anti-Yellowing feature a plus for this case.

The ODYSSEY (above) and the ODYSSEY+ cases seem to be the most rugged of the MAGEASY cases. Both cases have a clear backplate with a honeycomb shockproof frame made of aviation-alloy. The raised lens bezel is 0.3 mm higher than the lens and the frame is 0.5 mm higher than the screen for added drop protection. The Air-Shield corners on the ODYSSEY cases are literally an outstanding feature. The corners stand out from the frame and should bear the brunt of any drop. These features, plus the adjustable lanyard feature available on the ODYSSEY+, makes this my case of choice. I can imagine a number of outdoor scenarios where the ODYSSEY+ with its lanyard could be most useful. Indoors, too. The ODYSSEY+ is my new shopping buddy. I no longer have to worry about fumbling with my phone, trying to look at my shopping list while pushing a shopping cart.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today