The third quarter of 2022 brought about a fifth consecutive year-on-year decline for the worldwide personal computer (including tablet) market, according to the latest Canalys data. Apple was the exception to the rule.

The tablet market decline continued in the quarter, following the 11% drop in the previous quarter. Apple led the market but its iPad shipments fell 12% year on year to 13.4 million units.

Despite this, Apple topped the global personal computer market with 23.4 million units shipped worldwide, grabbing a 22% market share as the only major vendor to post year-on-year growth in quarter three. The tech giant now has 22.2% of the worldwide PC market. That compares to 18.9% in the third quarter of 2021.

With 19.4 million units shipped and an 18% market share, Lenovo came in second, posting a 21% year-on-year decline. 

HP finished third, with a 28% drop in shipments to 12.7 million units and a two-percentage-point market share loss compared with the third quarter of 2021. Fourth-placed Dell shipped 12 million units, undergoing a 21% decline, while fifth-placed Samsung posted shipments of 7.3 million units and a more modest decline of 13%.

Canalys says that total personal computer shipments fell to 105.6 million units, a 14% drop from quarter three of 2021 and a sequential increase of just 1% from the second quarter of 2022, which saw major supply disruption due to COVID lockdowns in China. Demand across all product categories and end-user segments was stifled by worsening macroeconomic conditions, as consumers and businesses alike adopted a more cautious approach to spending on devices. 

Canalys says that tablet shipments fell 6% in Q3 to 35.3 million units, while Chromebook shipments were down 29% at 4.2 million units, the lowest third-quarter shipment number since 2019. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today