Some Koreans are giving up Galaxy phones for iPhones over a gaming controversy, according to a SAMmobile report.

In March it was reported that Samsung was throttling over 10,000 apps and games on its devices through a software called Games Optimization Service. What GOS does is reduce the GPU and CPU performance when it detects any of the apps or games on the list being run. The list left out benchmarking apps that meant that Samsung phones would post high performance scores that wouldn’t be representative of real world performance. This lead to Geekbanch banning Samsung phones with GOS.

According to SAMmobile, a Korean YouTuber took to the streets in Seoul to ask citizens about the phone they’re using and whether they’d prefer a Galaxy phone over an iPhone. His video reported that the rate of people in their 40s switching from a Galaxy device to an iPhone has seen a double-digit increase recently.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today