Today, Jamf, which specializes in Apple Enterprise Management, kicked off its 13th annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) both virtually and in-person in San Diego, California. 

Joined by partners including Apple, Google, Okta Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and SwiftConnect, and with customers American Airlines and HSBC, Jamf shared how its continuous product innovation is helping organizations succeed with Apple in a rapidly evolving work environment. 

“The focus of this year’s JNUC is simplifying the management and security of devices used for work. In order to do this, we are asking Jamf Nation two questions: do your users love the technology they are using for work, and do your IT and security teams trust that technology? Our focus at Jamf is to ensure the answer to both of those questions is a resounding ‘yes’, with something we call Trusted Access,” said Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf. 

He adds that key highlights of JNUC 2022 include:

° A new way to BYOD: After rolling out a new BYOD offering earlier this year, Jamf kicked off JNUC by demonstrating their own internal deployment for BYOD devices all built on Jamf and Apple-specific workflows. These features are intended to eliminate the common practice where employees carry two mobile phones — one for work and one personal.

° Device security out-of-the-box. Jamf-managed Apple devices can be shipped directly to an end user, ready for automatic configuration for an individual’s use and fully secured against on-device and in-network security threats from the moment the device is powered up for the first time. 

° New security features: Jamf’s endpoint security suite can now ensure macOS and iOS devices are configured correctly and secured against cyber attacks from first boot with a new app called Jamf Trust. The Jamf Trust app binds user identity to the device so that Jamf’s security services are dynamically configured according to user identity and role, and carried through to their application access, streamlining the need to enter credentials and verify identity.
Additionally, next month Jamf Protect will gain rich endpoint telemetry data collection along with a new offline deployment mode that streams telemetry data directly to a SIEM for customers with high compliance requirements.

At this year’s JNUC, Jamf announced it has grown its monitored software to over one thousand titles, and now offers more than one hundred App Installers designed to substantially lower the work effort for IT while improving the security posture of an organization’s fleet of devices. App Installers are pre-vetted and maintained (patched, updated, monitored for risk, etc.) over the lifespan of the device. 
Jamf also announced new App Installer features to be delivered in the near future, including improved user notifications and simplifying App installation within Self Service to ensure only apps relevant to the user and authorized by IT are displayed in their customized app catalog.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today