As I’ve said before, the 24-inch iMac is one of my favorite Macs of all time (I really wish Apple would release one with an M2 processor this year). But what would the “ultimate” iMac look like? Here are some possibilities

A single slab of glass

What about an all-in-one that truly was an “all-in-one”? In July Apple was granted a patent (number 11,397,449) for an “electronic device with glass housing member.” It hints — as have other patents (such as number 11,112,827) at an iMac made of a single “slab” of glass.

How about an iMac made of a single slab of glass?

Apple’s idea is for a desktop computer that includes a display, an input device operably coupled to the display, and a glass sheet. The iMac could include a support structure coupled to the glass sheet and configured to support the glass sheet. 

An iMac with a bezel-less display

More likely than an all-in-one made of a single slab of glass is an iMac with a bezel-less display. This is someone folks have been hoping to see for a awhile.

How about an iMac with a bezel-less display?

Apple has filed for a patent (number 20220223122) for “electronic device display with extended activity area.” It hints that we may yet see an iMac with a bezel-less (or near bezel-less ) display.

An iMac with Face ID

How about an iMac with Face ID? Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks it could happen. In a February 2022 “Power On” newsletter, he writes: Face ID was in the cards for the original M1 iMac. Naturally, the iMac is the thickest Mac with a built-in display since Apple’s laptops have fairly thin screens. At this point, the technology to embed Face ID into the thin MacBook displays doesn’t exist. So if Face ID comes to the Mac, I think it will be on an iMac or external monitor first. Apple has definitely been working on this, but time will tell if they launch it.

iMac with a build-in charging pad

How about an iPad with a built-in charging pad, or pads, built into its base? A 2020 concept shows an elegant way to recharge Magic Mouse with a wireless charging pad base built into the iMac stand.

How about an iMac with wireless charging built into its base?

If your mouse runs out of battery, you can simply place it on the stand in your iMac and wait until the charge is complete. This would also allow other devices like the AirPods and iPhone to be wirelessly recharged using the iMac stand.

Tweaks to the current design

Of course, Apple could simply make some needed tweaks to the current design. For example, it’s time an iMac with a height-adjustable stand. I also want a backlit keyboard and a Magic Mouse that doesn’t have to be plugged in at the bottom for recharging (really, Apple, that’s a horrible design choice). 

And if Apple is keeping the iMac’s “chin,” I’d like to see the Apple logo once again appear on it.

This 32-inch iMacPro mock-up is courtesy of Tech Briefly.

Then, of course, there’s size. The 24-inch iMac is nice, but Apple is likely working on a new “iMac Pro” with a 27-inch display. But why stop there? Why not one with a 32-inch or larger screen?

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today