You may be using your Apple device to store files of different forms. However, you may be very comfortable with your Mac until it misbehaves. 

When this happens, you should be very wary of your data and begin to look out for what you can do to save or recover your files in case the system breaks down. Perhaps that is why you are asking whether Apple has data recovery software. 

Luckily enough, Apple has several data recovery software that you can easily use on any Apple device to restore lost files. Choosing the best app is, however, important as some software may not correctly solve your problem. We will share a list of Mac data recovery software solutions, and then you can read and decide which one to use when you have a problem with your device. But first: 

What Apple Data Recovery Can Do

Generally, all the data recovery tools work in a similar manner. Once you lose your data and the directory indicating where you initially stored the files is traceable, the recovery will be much easier. However, if this is not the case, the Apple data recovery software will scan your device for familiar patterns. Once a file type of that kind is identified, there are more chances that your lost files will be in it. 

You should, however, not be in a hurry with this process as it may be pretty time-consuming. Some drives can take days, depending on the volume or capacity. Of course, if you value these files, then the long wait will not be in vain. Below is our pick of the best Apple recovery software.

  1. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac 

Disk Drill for Mac is one of the best Apple data recovery software you can trust in the market today. This versatile software solution makes data recovery seamless on any Apple device, which is why it tops our list. 

The software is packed with several features and supports quick data recovery. Besides, Disk Drill works on any storage device, including iOS and Android devices, and can be used to recover a wide range of file types. Some people also use them as alternatives to DiskWarrior. See some of the advantages and disadvantages of the software below. 


  • It offers proactive data protection
  • It comes with an intuitive user interface 
  • Free version available 
  • It runs on M1 devices 
  • Quick data recovery
  • It supports a large number of RAW file formats 


  • Disk Drill does not offer telephone customer support 
  • The software has limited support for RAID arrays 
  1. Data Rescue for Mac 

Data Rescue for Mac is another specialized recovery app people use for data recovery. It helps recover data from multiple loss cases such as accidental deletion, data corruption, disk damage, etc. This software will only work on macOS 10.12 or later. Besides, it has to be constantly connected to the internet to function correctly. 


  • Online chat is supported
  • The software has email alerts
  • Offers free file preview 
  • Has duplicate file recognition feature 


  • Requires internet connection to function properly
  1. R-Studio for Mac 

R-Studio for Mac data recovery software works on macOS and can recover deleted files. The software uses advanced scanning algorithms to recover files on Mac. Also, this software can help you restore formatted partitions. Other things you can do with R-Studio for Mac include creating an image file of a disk with bad sectors. This makes such disks much easier to recover. 


  • It supports Linux partitions 
  • Free version available 
  • It graphically displays recoverable data 
  • It provides an estimate probability of file recovery 


  • Requires a high level of computer knowledge to use
  • It has a complex user interface 
  • An expensive commercial version 
  • The free version cannot recover files larger than 256 KB
  1. PhotoRec for Mac

PhotoRec is an open-source data recovery software for Mac, making it and the source code available to the public. This makes the software openly available to users who want access to the application and its source code for one reason or another. 

The software similarly supports a wide range of file formats and works as per the developer’s specifications. 

It uses a powerful technology – file carving- two steps to search and read the device sections. 


  • Free tool for all users
  • Supports a wide range of storage devices 


  • Requires a degree of knowledge regarding the underlying disk system before you can use the tool
  • No recent updates 
  1. DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery 

This comprehensive suite of tools is built to help you manage disks on Mac, including recovering accidentally deleted files. Also, the software can be licensed for single or multiple OSs and works on Linux and Windows other than Mac.

Features include scanning tools and recovery of up to 4000 files in the opened directory before users can commit to a purchase.


  • It can recover up to 4000 files 
  • Multiple additional free features 


  • It has an outdated user interface
  • It has limited customer support options 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today