iOS 16 arrives on Monday, Sept. 12, and Readdle says its productivity apps are ready with new features. Here’s how the company describes the updates: 

  • PDF Expert — Put all your important tickets, hotel bookings and other traveling PDFs into a folder. With the “Favorites” widget you’ll be able access this folder from the lock screen of your iPhone with just one tap.
  • Documents — From your lock screen you can turn your VPN on and off, and access your file library, in-app browser or audio player with just one tap.
  • Calendars — Simple and extended widgets show your schedule at a glance. Keep on top of your upcoming meetings and events by simply glancing at your lock screen.
  • Scanner Pro — Whether scanning a menu or brochure while traveling, or organizing your expenses and receipts with ease, you can access your Scanner Pro camera with just one tap.

With App Shortcuts from iOS 16 your most common interactions (Siri Shortcuts) become even more accessible. In iOS 16 Siri Shortcuts are searchable in Spotlight and are presented in Siri Suggestions, with all shortcuts available as Siri voice commands.

  • Scanner Pro — Use Siri voice commands to start scanning, open your latest scans or search your scan library.
  • Calendars — Use Siri voice commands to create a new task or event, check your daily agenda or open your desired calendar view.

With Apple Live Text you can engage with embedded text from multiple file types – to copy, share, call phone numbers, visit websites and translate between languages.

  • PDF Expert — Translate text within PDF’s, copy and extract information or visit websites straight from URLs embedded within the text.
  • Documents — Translate languages from menus, call phone numbers from media materials and visit websites from stored documents.
  • Scanner Pro — Call a number, look up an address or visit a website from a scanned business card or translate a scanned document, book or restaurant menu.

More features to look out for:

Stage Manager is coming to PDF Expert soon, allowing users to stack open apps and windows, making it quick and easy to switch between tasks.

Readdle Calendars launches Apple Weather, delivering a more accurate weather service.

Scanner Pro uses Vision OCR to allow better and faster OCR in Korean, Japanese, Ukrainian and Russian. Scanner Pro now recognises text in 28 languages, more than any scanner product and allows users to search by content, copy and paste text.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today