OWC has announced the acquisition of SellYourMac.com, an Apple trade-in company. SellYourMac.com launched in 2009, and offers a way for Apple users to cash in used Apple devices. 

“Being a part of the OWC family helps us work towards achieving our vision of being the #1 most trusted and known Apple trade in company in the world,” Brian Burke, Chief Mac Man at SellYourMac.com, says in a press release. “I’ve long admired OWC as a growing and successful company within the Apple ecosystem and we are beyond excited to take SellYourMac.com onward and upwards together as part of OWC.”

Larry O’Connor, Founder/CEO of OWC, adds: “This is a win for everyone. I am excited to welcome a great team to OWC as we incorporate their amazing, easy to use, SellYourMac.com trade-in website and technology. More Macs, iPhones, and iPads find continuing purpose with their next owner and a fair trade-in from their present,” said. “Our Apple Refurbishments division is now even better for all of our customers’ buy and trade-in/sell needs.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today