Major U.S. studios, streamers and British broadcasters have combined to launch a “Statement of Commitment Against Bullying, Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviour in TV,” reports Deadline.

Organized by actors’ union Equity, the flagship pledge includes creating safe casting and audition spaces, a requirement for producers to have clear respect at work policies and anti-bullying and harassment training to be completed by cast and crew before they start work. Here is the Commitment statement ideals in full: 

  • Safe casting and audition spaces: professional recruitment standards to be adopted and auditions undertaken in appropriate workspaces.
  • Policies: producers to have clear respect at work policies which include a process for making and addressing concerns and complaints of bullying and harassment.
  • Accessible information: information shared with cast and crew about how concerns can be raised either if they are the victim of or see inappropriate behaviour (e.g. information on call sheets and displayed in communal areas, access to support and whistleblowing helplines, details of the safeguarding contact for each production).
  • Anti-bullying and harassment training: to be completed by cast and crew before they start work.
  • Safeguarding contact: a suitably trained, senior member of the production team who can be contacted and who can proactively make any necessary adjustments.
  • Nudity and simulated sex acts: notification to be given in advance and in writing about the scope and extent of nudity and/or simulated sex requested, followed by discussion and agreement with the artist. For scenes of an intimate nature an intimacy co-ordinator to be engaged if acceptable to the actors involved.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today