A new report from Sellcell, a site for selling phones online, says the Samsung S22 range depreciated almost three times more than the iPhone 13 range since their launch.

Using internal smartphone value data, SellCell says it’s analyzed depreciation values (since the launch) of Apple, Samsung, and Google’s flagship handsets. It has considered the trade-in value of all lines in each range (iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 6) based on the resale value of phones in “like new” and “good” condition. 

SellCell’s report says it collected the data across months one and two since launch, to compare depreciation, and to see which brands hold their value. Here are the main findings from the report:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 range loses the most value on average, at 51.1% (Good) and 46.8% (Like New), followed by Pixel 6 range at 43.5% and 41.5%, and the iPhone 13 range at only 16.4% and 19.1%.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G (128GB) is the worst performer, depreciating by an astronomical 57.5% (Good) and 53.8% (Like New) in the two months since its launch, equating to up to $574.99 in value lost.
  • Google’s worst performer is the Pixel 6 Pro (256GB), which saw 47.9% (Good) and 45.7% (Like New) depreciation in the two months post-launch, which is up to $479.00 in cash terms.
  • Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) is the brand’s best performer, with depreciation in single figures at 4.7% (Good) and 3.8% (Like New), which is a maximum cash loss of $52 since its launch.
  • Like the iPhone 12-series before it, the iPhone 13 range has started recovering its loss after month two, with 18.7% (Like New) and 21.3% (Good) depreciation by month one end, versus 16.4% and 19.1% at month two end.
  • Surprisingly, the Pixel 6 range also appears to have recouped some of that initial loss, with 43.1% (Like New) and 45.6% (Good) after one month, versus 41.5% and 43.5% after two months; a recovery of 2% of the range’s initial manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today