A group of over 100 people in TV and film production worldwide have sent an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook about Final Cut Pro, the company’s professional video editing software.

The letter asks Apple to “publicly stand by the use of Final Cut Pro – Apple’s video editing application for professionals – in TV and film industries worldwide.” It points out that it’s not a  criticism of the Apple team developing and marketing Final Cut Pro. 

From the open letter: This open letter is aimed at the executives who set the priorities of the Final Cut Pro development team and the Apple managers whose policies limit the public marketing of Final Cut Pro to a couple of website updates a year and some mentions in Apple keynotes about how much faster Apple hardware is getting.

The letter’s signatories aim was to encourage Apple to make a new commitment to the professional TV and filmmaking industry. They believe that would potentially benefit filmmakers the world over regardless of their personal NLE preferences.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today